Ashley Rew-Hunter

Ashley Rew-Hunter describes her life feels like living in a haze of fun….especially when you wear many hats. That is something Ashley knows her Mama friends definitely understand. Ashley loves sharing her life journey with others and learning about theirs in return.

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One thing Ashley has learned is that once you are a Mom…you are no longer ‘you’, rather you are so & so’s Mom.

But, Ashley is not just a Mom.

AND, as much as she loves being a Mom. There is a LOT more to Ashley than that.

Growing up as a twin, Ashley was never alone. Ashley always had a best friend and built in playmate. Ashley and her wombmate, Andrea, were and are still inseparable. Always ‘being forced’ to navigate life with another definitely molded Ashley’s interactions with others – the need to be social, the need to respectful and the need to share; to name a few.

Although born a Texan, Ashley didn’t always live in the Lonestar State.  As they say, she left, but got back as fast as she could. Ashley grew up making the circuit of the South. Ashley’s family moved from Houston, to Lake Charles, LA, to Atlanta, GA; back to Lake Charles and then to Houston. It wasn’t until college when she found herself in Austin, as a proud Texas Longhorn. Hook ‘Em!

In the early 2000s, Ashley spent more than half a decade in higher education. In 2001, she earned a Bachelor of Arts from UT Austin and in 2005 a Masters of Arts in School Psychology from Texas State University in San Marcos.

Once Ashley’s diplomas were mounted, love took her on a scenic journey through West Texas. Ashley and her husband resided in both San Angelo and Lubbock, TX; before coming back ‘home’.

12 years, 3 moves, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish and a hamster later…Ashley’s happy family of four enjoy a beautiful life in Bee Cave.

Ashley is the proud Mom of two daughters (ages 7 and 11). As a girl Mom, Ashley does all the girl mom things – dance, gymnastics, spa days, as well as, fights about brushing hair, doing math homework and rolling eyes.

Like most of the Mamas Ashley meets, her heart is full with a warm (yet cool) Austin day, eating queso, having a few margs while listening to live music and watching her kids play. As much as Ashley wishes this could be her daily routine…the weeks are a blur.

These days Ashley’s calendar is an F word….FULL! Ashley works full time in Special Education for a local high school, she is a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Social Media lover, Shampoo Dealer, PTO member, Member of both the Daughters & Children of the American Revolution, Gymnastics Mom and National Charity League Patroness. But, what Ashley loves most of all is her role as Wife and Mother. So, if those refer to her as so & so’s Mom, she will gladly answer…. because they are who make her smile.


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