You guys! Did you know makeup and skincare have an expiration date? Yep. Most of these consumable products are only good for about a year (less if they’re used on your eyes)! Many of us keep these types of products around until they’re gone, and they can last for years if they’re not part of a daily routine. Too often we end up with a disorganized, excessive and outdated product graveyard.

Spring is a great time to organize and revamp your makeup and skincare routine!

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First, gather all your products into one place…from bathroom drawers, purses, ditty bags and makeup cases. I recommend spreading a bath towel out on your bed and depositing the makeup and products onto it so you can see everything at once. Check expiration dates and if you’ve had it more than a year, it’s probably time to toss it or replace it! If you have duplicates or find products you never ever use, throw them away. Remember, if it touches your eyes you should get a new one every few months to keep bacteria out. Fragrances and perfumes have a shelf life of 3-5 years, make up and skincare care about 1-2 years, and eye or lash products 3-6 months.

Spring is also a good time to wash makeup brushes, applicators, or sponges. Sponges get dirty fast, and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. We are usually hurried during our morning routine and we tend to keep and reuse sponges and applicators way too long! Throw away any applicators that won’t wash well or are disposable. Then, choose a mild soap like baby shampoo or dish soap. Rinse the bristles in tepid water, put the soap on your palm and swirl the brush in the suds, then rinse again until the water runs clean. Lay applicators and brushes on a towel to dry. I know the price of quality makeup brushes is no joke, and if you keep them clean they should last years.

The last thing to do during your revamp is switch your winter makeup and skincare routine to summer products. Most of us move our color palette from dark to light in the spring and warm up our foundation with a little bronzer. When it comes to makeup in the summer in Austin, less is more since we are going to sweat most of it off anyway! My summer skincare routine focuses on lightweight lotions and sunscreen instead of the heavy hydrating products that I go to during the winter months. A summer regimen with vitamin C and antioxidants can help prevent hyperpigmentation and frequent exfoliation will remove dirt and oil.

Once you declutter your products you’ll know exactly what you have and where things are for a quick and easy routine you can count on every day!



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