Hi, I’m Tori Chaffin. I’m 27 years old and I live in Austin with my husband and our 2 girls. Born & raised in a little town in Arkansas, I moved to Atlanta when I was 18 to pursue a career in hairdressing. I started working in a salon in the suburbs, and after a while, and much to my surprise, I was set up on a blind date by a coworker of mine. I took a chance and went on that blind date, and on the patio of a coffee shop right outside the salon, I met the love of my life. After 6 months of dating, we got engaged & planned our wedding in 12 short weeks (our love couldn’t wait). Aaron & I were married in April of 2017. In September of 2018 we had Zelda & our lives changed forever. We thought about what we wanted our future to look like as our family grew and we knew we wanted to make our own roots, but didn’t know where. Ultimately, we decided our hearts were in Texas. 

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After a year into our new life in Austin, I became pregnant with our second baby, Esther Jane. She was beautifully born in our home in November of 2021. Man oh man- did our lives flip upside down with the transition of one to two kiddos! Some days we thrive and others we survive, but that’s just how life happens. We learn as we go and take things one day at a time. One tantrum at a time. One snuggle at a time. Being at home full-time with the girls has been the most amazing gift. Although it certainly has its challenges, when I see them together and I see that Zelda is an amazing big sister- it’s one of the most precious things to witness. I’m so grateful & honored that I get to be here to watch them grow everyday. 

Tori Chaffin and family

On top of being home with Zelda & Esther, I run an online coaching business. I specialize in prenatal & postpartum health & fitness. After a traumatic birth experience with Zelda, I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. I found healing in fitness and nutrition during that time and ultimately felt called to leave my career in hairdressing & move into the fitness industry. Moving to Austin in January 2020 happened to be the perfect time to finally change careers and get a fresh start. 

I like to think that fitness found me. Although I had always been interested in fitness, I never thought that I would change careers. Through my experiences & healing during my postpartum journey, I felt called to share my message & knowledge to other moms in the world who might need my help. My goal as a coach is to empower moms to stay active during pregnancy, give them the tools to birth confidently, how to heal in the postpartum space, & to feel sexy in their new found body. 

When I’m not working, or putting out fires at home, I’m probably making crafts or playing outside with my little darlings. I love a good podcast that will teach me something new or reading a book related to pregnancy & birth. I enjoy checking out local coffee shops & breweries. Easy Tiger sourdough is one of my favorite ATX foods. I love taking the girls to new Austin playgrounds and going to new restaurants with Aaron. 

Above all, being a mom is my most favorite thing that I get to do. Although the days are long, the years are so short. As any mom would say- some days are wonderful and others are filled with tears, but in the end I wouldn’t choose to do anything else in the world over being the mother of my children. I feel so lucky.


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