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I’m Melissa Cullen. As a recovering perfectionist and former workaholic, it’s amusing to me that I am now a SAHM living in Austin, TX. Something that I never imagined for myself but am surprisingly loving!

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I was born and raised in Orange County, CA, and always dreamt of raising a family by the beach but a constant theme woven through my life is that I don’t know it all. Who would have thought?! As a type-A over-analyzer, excessive planner, and routine queen, I thrive on the thought that I have control. But do we really ever?

Life has been a wild ride of career changes, moves, infertility, and then a surprise pregnancy. Dreams and expectations have materialized but have always seemed to fall short of what really quenched my thirst and fulfilled my soul. Everything I’ve set out to do, I accomplished. I graduated with a BA in journalism, spent two years in New York City working in the fashion industry, was a part of the top-selling real estate team in Orange County, and after a quarter-life crisis, I left all ambitions of glitz and glamor to take a job at my church – my favorite career move yet. Spending time in ministry was both healing and refining, an opportunity to reevaluate my ambitions and purpose and redirect my life.

In the midst of all this, I married my dream guy and college sweetheart, Wes. He’s funny, hard-working, God-fearing, and a total dreamboat. After a three-year infertility journey, we welcomed our son, Samuel Joseph (2020), a dream come true and the cutest and funniest kid you’ve ever laid eyes on. Shockingly, when Sam was 10 months old I found myself pregnant AGAIN and Charlotte Grace was born in March 2022. (As I sit here writing this, she’s a whopping 16 days old). Two under two, ya’ll, it’s no joke!

In recent months, my husband accepted a job transfer to Austin so we sold our home and made the trek to Texas in January 2022. While it has been the best move for our family, it was a long journey of processing and grieving leaving family, friends, and my beloved job. The transition has afforded me the opportunity to go back to school to pursue a dual master’s degree in Divinity and Nonprofit Management and Administration while also being home with the kiddos. We are truly blown away by the Austin lifestyle and culture and we spend our days exploring all the family-friendly spots that this bustling city has to offer.

While I still over-plan play dates and park visits and daily overanalyze how to best pack the diaper bag, settling into a slower season has suited us well. I look forward to exploring and contributing to Austin Mom’s Blog with fresh eyes and a newbie’s perspective and meeting new mama’s and rebuilding my tribe along the way.

Melissa Cullen
A recent Austinite, Melissa was born and raised in *whispers* Orange County, California. She is married to her college sweetheart, Wes, and they have two children, Samuel (2020) and Charlotte (2022). The move from the beach to hill country has afforded Melissa the opportunity to be a SAHM while also going back to school to receive a dual masters in Divinity and Nonprofit Management and Administration. When not studying or changing copious amounts of diapers, Melissa loves to explore all the family friendly activities that Austin has to offer. She lives in Dripping Springs and is a lover of Jesus, a good coffee shop, reading, wine, any and all sugary carbs, and making memories with family and friends. Follow along on Instagram for adventures, favorite spots, and an obnoxious amount of kid pics at @melissamariecullen 


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