Hey y’all! My name is Chelsea Richardson, and I am a wife to Evan, and stay-at-home mom to 3 kiddos living in Dripping Springs, Texas…approximately 30 minutes from Downtown Austin…on a good day. Upon graduation, I accepted a full ride scholarship to play Division 1 volleyball for The University of Northern Iowa. Graduating in 2011, with a marketing degree, I headed back South, after four too many winters.

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Originally from the Dallas area, I met my husband many moons ago in the halls of Marcus High School. I was an immature, and confused freshman dabbling in all cliques and fashion choices of the 2000’s, and Evan–well you see– was the All-American football player that had everything going for him. Fast forward seven years, when Evan caught glimpse of a very different Chelsea on Facebook. And there you have it, your modern day Cinderella story. However, I didn’t lose a glass slipper that day. I didn’t lose anything at all. Instead, I gained everything. I gained a forever best friend, an accountability partner, and a new love I have never felt or experienced.

In 2015, we welcomed our first daughter, Ryver. A perfectionist, with mermaid hair and an old soul. Ryver is a kindergartner at Dripping Springs Elementary who drinks tea before hopping on the bus, plays piano, and a lover of sports and horses. She’s pretty great.

Chelsea Richardson and family

In the Summer of 2016, Evan walked off a plane at the Austin Airport from a mission trip to Africa. There, Ryver and I stood at the bottom of the escalators where she was holding a sign that said “Hey Dad, I’m going to be a big sister”. During the trip, I had found out I was pregnant, and decided to keep it a secret until he got home. It was such a happy memory, I will never, ever forget it. At 22 weeks, I walked into a routine appointment to peek at our little girl, to find out she was already soaring with the angels in Heaven. There was no heart beat. It had been a wonderful pregnancy thus far. I didn’t get it. I had followed all the rules, guidelines, and suggestions. Nothing made sense. We were in total and complete shock. At 11:00am the following day, after 16 hours of unwanted labor…I delivered Jones Kipenzi Richardson. Her name meaning, “my beloved” in Swahili. And that is just what she is… loved. On October 14th, our lives were forever changed. We had gained and lost a daughter in the same second. We left the hospital that day with a white cardboard box of mementos and tear stained faces. This wasn’t the way things were supposed to be. This couldn’t be “my story.” But it was, and today I write this proudly, and stronger than ever. I am His, and she is ours. Nothing will ever change that.

One year later, we welcomed our rainbow baby into the world. Nova, A wildflower amongst a field of roses. As stubborn and silly as they come. She heads left when you say right, and prefers to eat her pizza upside down. She has humbled me, and taught me so much already in her 3 short years. She’s a carefree soul, with a missing front tooth. I just look at her and smile.

And then there was Nixon. My baby boy, who I never in a million years thought would come. Especially after a Covid quarantine. It was the longest nine months of my life, but so unbelievably worth it. Our house has quickly transitioned from pink and perfect to trucks, diggers and all things BOY! He keeps us on our toes and has the best laugh.

So there they are…the four that made me a mommy. Each one, their own little person, containing their own wants, needs and desires. Each one challenging me and reminding me; I was made for this. God has chosen me to raise and disciple these 3. What an honor.

For the past 10 years we have resided in the Lake Travis area. We have loved it so much, but decided to pursue a little nudge in our hearts. In 2020 we purchased our dream; our little slice of Heaven in the hills of Dripping Springs. For the past 5 months we have begun construction on the future Richardson homestead. Chickens, Horses, muddy boots, a tire swing and lots of memories coming soon. In the meantime, follow us along on Instagram @ryver_runs_wild

Chelsea Richardson and family
Chelsea Richardson
Chelsea is a born and raised Texas girl, originally from the Dallas area but has been living the Austin life for 10 years with her husband Evan. Former Division 1 volleyball player and Human Resource Coordinator that has traded the knee pads and timesheets in for all the necessities of being a stay at home mom. Chelsea is a mom to Ryver (2015), Nova (2018), Nixon (2020), one heavenly angel Jones (2017), and 2 very silly Golden Retrievers; Rainey and Renly. A true creature of habit, failing protectionist, and sourdough bread maker (the one good thing to come from Covid Quarantine) Her days start with lots of coffee, prayer, and usually end with a peloton workout and a glass of wine. However, somewhere in the middle she can be found loving, playing, taxing around, and doing everything she can to point her kids to the love of Jesus. Chelsea resides in Dripping Springs, Texas where they are in the process of building their forever home. You can keep up with Chelsea and her favorite people on IG (@ryver_runs_wild)


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