Hi! I am Theresa Bastian and I own a small real estate brokerage called Let’s Move Austin. As if navigating Austin’s crazy real estate market isn’t challenging enough, this year I’m also learning to adapt to my recently empty nest.

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I’m insanely proud of my two kids. Lukas, who just turned 21, graduated in 2019 and shipped off to Marine Corps Boot Camp 6 days later. That was…abrupt…to say the least. He’s now stationed at camp Pendleton near San Diego, CA. At age 18, my daughter Sophia is now a freshman at the University of Arkansas – 9 hours away. She’s enjoying her classes and sorority life. I joke that I’m not sure what it says about my parenting that both of my kids have joined cults but they’re happy and productive, and that’s what matters most.

Theresa Bastian and kids

Prior to moving to Austin over 12 years ago, I lived in the Pacific Northwest – Tacoma and Seattle, WA. I taught high school English and history before joining my kids’ dad (my ex-husband) in real estate and as a result I have mad respect for teachers. I do what I can to support public education in many ways, from serving on PTAs while my kids were in school to starting a political action committee to support the most recent school bond a few years ago (it passed – yay!)

A lot of my time and attention lately has been captured by the memoir I’ve recently completed. It tells the story of my little sister’s cold case murder from 1986 being solved recently due to advances in DNA technology. Coming as a total shock after 32 years, this event didn’t provide the “closure” everyone expected it to. I’ve just started querying agents, which is something new for me, and I’m excited to find the right one to work with. I serve on the board of the DNA Justice Project and advocate for DNA related issues on the legislative level.

In my spare time I enjoy taking my boat out on Lake Travis, visiting swimming holes around the area, enjoying live music, traveling, and spending time with my mom who finally moved to Austin last year.


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