My Dearest Daughter,
I can’t believe how fast time has passed. You’re now officially ready to graduate high school. It feels weird for me to know you’ll no longer be a high school student. It kind of makes me sad! Your high school year turned out to be completely different from mine. I was a public school student who cheered and danced. You, on the other hand, are an artistic, fashionable, Disney and KPOP-loving, homeschooler.

The Graduate

You have made some amazing strides as a teenager. It leaves many adults impressed by all you have accomplished, including your father and me. From illustrating and publishing two children’s books to volunteering, to being a finalist for Austin Business Woman’s Artist of the Year to overcoming some serious personal health challenges. I love that I can brag on you! 

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You’re my sassy, confident, lovable, cuddly daughter. When I was pregnant with you, I gave you the nickname Angel. That name has truly been just what you are and have been to me. You gave up some of your childhood to nurse me back to health when I couldn’t talk or physically move to care for myself, you helped me with your little sister (who is now taller than you,) and you have been there to help us with operating our family business. 

My daughter, the graduate!

Whether it’s for your friends or your family, you are everyone’s biggest CHEERLEADER! The support you give is amazing. I am blessed to have you as a daughter. 

Once you graduate and prepare for college, I want to share this with you…

I believe in you. I always will but I want you to believe in yourself. Remember who you are, and whose you are, the life you have been blessed to have, and the lessons and challenges that you learned. Those experiences that you have endured in life that have brought tears and heartache, have made you into the young woman you are today. One who is filled with patience, compassion, and empathy. Continue to share those qualities because this world needs them. 

There will be people who doubt what you can do and your abilities. There will be those who don’t like you but have no reason for the dislike. Pray for them. Send them good positive thoughts. Focus on you and your dreams. Your pace will always be your pace. Don’t think you have to compete with others to win as there is enough room in this world for everyone to win. What is for you will always be for you. Success will come to you if you continue to be positive and work towards your goals. 

Pain is inevitable. Throughout life, there are going to be trying times. So much so that things can seem overwhelming and you won’t know what to say or do. Turn to those you love and trust most. You don’t have to fight those battles alone. 

Forgive others. Not for them but for you. Don’t hold on to anger. Let it go. Negative thoughts will try to take space in your life but you have the power to release them. You’ll feel better doing so. Don’t live a life filled with jealousy or envy. Continue to be the positive cheerleader you are. Not just for others but for yourself as well. Speak positively about yourself and love yourself. One thing I have learned is that you cannot truly love others if you do not love yourself. Love yourself on the good days and the days where you feel like a messy disaster. 

I love you dearly and want you to succeed in life. Whatever success looks like for you go for it! You have my support and my love. 

You are my soon-to-be Animator, my daughter, my graduate! I am proud of you and all that you have and will accomplish! 

Always and Forever
~Mom AKA Lady

2X Best-Selling Author Patrice Hernandez was born and raised in Georgia. This Air Force Veteran has planted roots with her family in Austin, Texas. She holds her Bachelor's degree in Business and Master's in Business Administration(MBA). Patrice is an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Educator. She enjoys sharing magical moments in her life with hopes for others to see that we all experience beautiful moments each day. Moments that are filled with gratitude, love, and hope for all that we desire in life. You will often find this introvert writing her holiday script, educating others about the value of creating a vision board, or exploring the city of Austin and its most beautiful hiking spots. Discover the magic of positivity, kindness, gratitude, and all things LADY with Patrice.


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