I don’t want to brag, but I’ve always been good at binge watching. Before I became a parent, I had plans for what I’d do when I had a kid. Everything would be gender neutral colors, I’d be the paragon of patience and joy, and would breastfeed but only for 6 months. And we all know what they say about well kid plans, right? LOL. Needless to say, my daughter is obsessed with everything pink and princess-y, I definitely have lost my temper, and, most surprisingly to me, breastfed for 2.5 years. So I know a thing or two about what to binge watch while breastfeeding.
The key is to have categories. Shows to watch with and infant during night time feedings, shows to watch with an infant during day time feedings, and book or podcasts in your phone when your kid is too old to sit through your binge watching without being too distracted. Let’s get to it.
You want something mindless but entertaining, something comforting but that won’t put you to sleep. This is where HGTV, Food Network, Bravo comes in. Also a great time to rewatch and binge favorite sitcoms that you already know by heart. Some of my faves are:
Chopped- Ted could talk to me all night about ingredients and I’d never get bored. This was the show I most watch during the nighttime newborn feeding haze, and I feel like I maybe have watched every episode but can never actually remember who won.
Friends- A classic, although some risk of laughing out loud, especially during seasons 3 to 5.
House Hunters- Special shout out to the international version. Excellent for when you want to picture your new life in Bali.
This is your time to shine. Catch up on that show you never had time to watch the first time around, but no one wanted to watch with you. Really great if you have a baby who refuses to nap without being carried or nursing to sleep. You’ll probably just get through one, so choose wisely.
Pose- Drag shows and drama? Here for it. This was my pick and I do not regret a thing.
The Wire or Ozark- Because who doesn’t want a cerebral drug drama when your holding a newborn? For real though, The Wire is one of my favorite shows to binge and I continuously reference it, even if it came out years ago.
Parenthood or This is Us- When you want a lot of content and a lot of tears. Warning: both will make you want to rewatch Gilmore Girls.
Beyoncé’s Homecoming- Trust me. This is a must watch for a new mama who is even a little bit of a Bey fan. You will cry, you will dance, you will feel seen.
Bring a giant water bottle, get comfortable and start binging. But if you’ve got toddlers at home, forget everything and enjoy rewatching Frozen.
Barbara Grant Boneta
Barbara Grant Boneta is Founder, Developmental Specialist, and your overall parenting guide at Nudge and Cradle, as well as founder of the kinkeepers event series. She has over a decade of experience supporting young children and their families in a variety of contexts, and is passionate about empowering families to raise socially conscious, empathetic children while taking care of themselves. She has been working in early intervention for over ten years, and works as an educational consultant, graduate professor, and full time mama. Barbara was born in Mexico, where she still has family and visits frequently, and was raised in a bicultural, bilingual household. She is a proud Latinx mama who lives in Austin, TX with her partner, dog, and very adorable toddler.


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