Is there anything happier than a flute of champagne or prosecco? It can take you from brunch, to a baby shower, to Mother’s Day, to Sunday funday, to GNO, to boss babe celebration, to New Year’s Eve…if you’re like me you will use any excuse to drink bubbly! A fine bottle of French champagne is best enjoyed by itself, cold and crisp in a flute. For those times when you want to up your drink game, feel ultimately fancy, or if you just want your champagne to be more boozy, you can put together a few simple ingredients and elevate your bubbly to a delightfully refreshing champagne cocktail. There’s a prosecco cocktail recipe for almost every kind of liquor, and it’s all good to swap with the good stuff, cava or inexpensive domestic champagne for the bubbles. Finish your cocktail with a sprig of rosemary, a mint leaf, or a slice of strawberry to enhance the look and flavor. Here are a few of my favorite prosecco cocktail recipes:

Aperol Spritz  Are you in the mood for bubbles with an Italian flair? This cocktail will transport you straight to Venice and this recipe is so easy to make (and easy to drink)! Put ice in the bottom of a wine glass, add 2 oz Aperol, 3 oz prosecco, a splash of club soda and an orange slice for garnish.

Violet Femme This prosecco cocktail is really special and worth a trip to the liquor store to acquire the ingredients. Put ice in the bottom of a champagne flute, add 1.5 oz of Empress gin (it has a beautiful and natural purple hue), 1 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, 3 oz. champagne or prosecco, and an edible flower for garnish. Too pretty to drink…almost!

French 75 You cannot go wrong with this classic and delicious bubbly beverage. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add 1 oz gin, ½ oz simple syrup, ½ oz lemon juice, and shake. Pour into a champagne flute (with a sugared rim if you’re feeling fancy) and fill to the brim with the bubbles of your choice, and garnish with a twist of lemon.

Cranberry Prosecco Punch Sweet, tart, boozy and bubbly – like a Cosmo but with effervescence! Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add 1 oz vodka, 2 oz cranberry juice cocktail, ½ oz triple sec, a splash of lime juice, and shake. Pour into a martini glass, add champagne, and garnish with a wheel of lime.

Whiskey Champagne Cocktail This elegant cocktail is stronger and more complex than a mimosa, and pairs well with food or festivities. Stir 1 oz Bourbon, 1 oz orange liqueur such as Grand Marnier, and a splash of orange juice with ice, then strain into a chilled champagne glass. Top it off with sparkling wine and serve with a cocktail skewer of maraschino cherries.


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