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As we come off of a “chill” summer, we’ve all likely forgotten the chaos that ensues when the kids go back to school. Whether it’s Pre-K, Mother’s Day Out, Daycare, or High School, life just starts getting a little nutty this time of year. As you get back into the swing of things this back to school season, remember the mantra “work smarter, not harder” and get all your FAVOR *ite* essentials delivered directly to you!

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The Favor App is super easy to use so whether you are at a baseball game, waiting in the school pickup line, or just don’t feel like making ONE more trip to the store, Favor is at your fingertips! Favor is “area of town” specific {meaning my favorites may not all be available in your neck of the woods}, but I tried to choose Austin favorites + a few that you may want to try out even if Favor doesn’t deliver to your area.

Favor Delivery15 FAVOR *ite* Back to School Essentials

  1. HEB
    Okay this one is a NO brainer! H-E-B is obviously a favorite among Texans and it’s so incredibly convenient that we can have our groceries delivered…but did you know that Favor has been part of the H-E-B Family since 2018! Favor can handle all of the heavy lifting for grocery delivery and there’s even a $0 delivery fee for Beer & Wine delivered through the app!
  2. P Terry’s
    I can’t tell you how many times my kids beg for P. Terry’s! The milkshakes are legit their favorite. This is an easy one to have delivered to the school if you want to switch up lunch once in a blue moon. Maybe even use it as a reward for good behavior, grades, etc. Not all schools allow for delivery to the campus so definitely make sure your kiddo’s school allows for this! 
  3. Hat Creek Burger
    We love Hat Creek and with so many locations around Austin, Hat Creek should be available for most Austinites.
  4. Modern Market
    Looking for an easy, healthy dinner, but running on “E” in the time department? Modern Market is such a yummy spot to have Favored by the time you get home from running around after school!
  5. Round Rock Donuts
    If you haven’t heard about or tried Round Rock Donuts then you are living under a rock. This Round Rock staple is a must try regardless of where you live in Austin! Such a fun idea to Favor to the school for administration to enjoy.
  6. Summer Moon
    Everyone loves Summer Moon and more locations are starting to pop up. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, but uninterested in leaving the house, Favor has got you covered!
  7. CVS/Walgreens
    Whether it’s needing to pickup pictures from the photo department for a school project or just needing a cold medicine, Favor can get you what you need super fast!
  8. Juiceland
    I’m constantly struggling with who I want to be versus who I actually am, but when I’m not sneaking Oreo’s, I love getting my green juice on from Juiceland!
  9. Starbucks
    I know people say this all the time, but I really should have invested in Starbucks stock. I pick up a Trenta Green Tea just about every single day. I love that Favor can bring it to me no matter where I’m at!
  10. Raising Cane’s
    This is another kiddo favorite in our home… I guess there’s something really “special” about their special sauce. And this is another easy one to send to the school on a Friday! Not all schools allow for delivery to the campus so definitely make sure your kiddo’s school allows for this!
  11. Texas Honey Ham
    Texas Honey Ham is a Westlake favorite that you have to make the trip for even if you live in Pflugerville! So if you find yourself outside of THH’s delivery zone, make the trip one Saturday or Sunday morning and you’ll understand why there’s so much buzz!
  12. Target
    Duh, it’s Target. This doesn’t even require more thought 🙂
  13. Via 313
    We love a good pizza night and really enjoy getting away from the chains. Via 313 isn’t in everyone’s delivery area, but it’s an awesome option to check out if it is! Favor has many “craft” pizza joints to choose from.
  14. Bahama Buck’s
    All. The. Sugar. My littlest loves the “Unicorn” with extra sprinkles. Bahama Buck’s is a perfect “you made it through the first week of school” treat!
  15. Petco
    Let’s not forget about our fur-babies and all of their needs!

Favor also offers gift cards, which are an amazing gift idea for new and expecting families. Take advantage of Favor this back to school season and receive the gift of TIME!


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