It is such a challenge to sneak in a relaxation day for ourselves. We often want to relax but look at our never-ending to-do list and feel guilty because there is just so much around the house that needs to be done. Stop feeling guilty about taking a break. There, I said it. Someone needed to tell you. That someone is me. 

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Eat chocolate, give yourself a facial, polish your nails, or light candles. Just do something that brings you joy, gives you a sense of peace, and relaxation. It is not that you do not love your family, but you know how the saying goes, “How can you pour from an empty cup?” Well, it is true. 

Taking a moment to relax allows you to do what you love or to help you find a new hobby to enjoy. We need those moments to remember who we are and not lose ourselves. 

Here are twelve simple ways you can take a mommy moment.  

Catch up with your best friend
It’s a perfect time to make the call or go for brunch and fill your bucket. 

A few minutes of meditating will create a sense of calm. You can find meditation music on Spotify or YouTube. 

Breezy walk
It’s still hot in Austin, but a brisk morning or casual evening walk provides clarity. Head to the most magical park you can find to do this. Nature can help center you. 

Relaxing Walk

Indulge in a cup of tea or coffee
Drink up! This really needs no explanation. 

Take a nap
The ultimate day of relaxation may include letting dad take over, sending the family out to have fun, and catching up on your beauty sleep. 

Listen to a podcast
But not one on Momming! Find a topic that you are interested in and listen away. Expand your love for more in this life.  

Relaxing Podcast

Window Shopping
Who doesn’t love shopping? Take a trip to the Domain or your favorite shopping spot, try on something expensive, model it, and just enjoy. 

Release your thoughts by writing them out. This is most helpful when you don’t want to talk about what you are feeling with anyone. 

Book a room
One of my favorites! For your mini-getaway, order all the pizza and wine!

Relaxation-Pizza in Bed

It is time for deep breathing and stretching. Inhale peace. Exhale your worries. 

Read a book
For a moment of silence, head to the library and read a book. Steer clear of the children’s section so you can enjoy your book peacefully. 

Get a massage!                                                                                                      Mama, you are worth it. Treat yourself and unwind with a magical massage at Mantis Massage (an AM fave!)

Dancing releases endorphins. Put on your favorite songs and move! For some, this is an ideal way of incorporating relaxation. 

Binge-watch a show
Find a show that will provide escapism for you. As I am writing this article, I am watching Bridgerton. I feel like royalty! Find a show that will make you feel good too.  

Alright love, now it should be clear, it is simple to have a relaxing day. I give you full permission to go take your day of relaxation! You are not allowed to place guilt on yourself. At this point, no excuses are allowed. I see you making excuses about your relaxation day! Stop. Go take your moment. You deserve it. 

Patrice Hernandez
2X Best-Selling Author Patrice Hernandez was born and raised in Georgia. This Air Force Veteran has planted roots with her family in Austin, Texas. She holds her Bachelor's degree in Business and Master's in Business Administration(MBA). Patrice is an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Educator. She enjoys sharing magical moments in her life with hopes for others to see that we all experience beautiful moments each day. Moments that are filled with gratitude, love, and hope for all that we desire in life. You will often find this introvert writing her holiday script, educating others about the value of creating a vision board, or exploring the city of Austin and its most beautiful hiking spots. Discover the magic of positivity, kindness, gratitude, and all things LADY with Patrice.


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