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When you eat local Texas food, there is a difference you can taste. It’s found in the sweetness of a Fredricksburg peach, in the rich yellow yolk of pasture-raised eggs from Shirttail Creek Farm, in freshly baked bread from Texas French Bread, and in craft-cured meats from the Salt & Time butcher shop.

Eating locally has a cascade of benefits – from fueling the local economy to reducing food waste and offsetting the carbon footprint of long-haul food transportation. There is so much bounty that grows in Texas, but it’s not always easy to access – which is why Stephanie Scherzer, a farmer turned entrepreneur, started Farmhouse Delivery. It’s an online marketplace that brings the best of Texas directly to your doorstep.

“We are on a mission to re-localize our food systems,” says Scherzer. “By working directly with local farmers, ranchers, and artisans we are bringing the best of Texas to your door while creating a system that puts dollars back into the local economy.”

Farmhouse offers the convenience to shop for everything you could find at the farmers market and more, from right at home. They work with over 250 Texas farmers, ranchers, and vendors that are strictly vetted by Farmhouse’s sourcing standards. Everything they offer is produced with regenerative, organic and sustainable practices, with no artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, or preservatives. Farmhouse incorporates this ethos of sustainability throughout their operations as well, using recycled packaging, solar-powered delivery trucks, sustainably optimized routing, and composting every food scrap that can’t be used.

Farmhouse has plenty of convenient options for busy moms and families. Their in-house kitchen uses seasonal ingredients in delicious chef-crafted meal kits that come together in about 30 minutes. Farmhouse Kitchen also provides prepared foods ready to heat and eat, pre-marinated meats, housemade sauces, spices and more. Their marketplace is filled with wholesome lunchbox staples like healthy snacks, drinks, and meals for kids and parents on the go.

Services like Farmhouse Delivery make it easier than ever to nourish your family while supporting your local farmers. Check out the array of Farmhouse’s offerings at https://farmhousedelivery.com/ where readers of Austin Moms Blog can enjoy $25 off their first 3 orders with code AMB.

Ready for more? Farmhouse also offers a school fundraising program that donates 5% cash back to participating schools and community groups. To find out more visit https://farmhousedelivery.com/farmhouse-fundraising


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