Slumber parties are always so much fun. If you are not are planner, it can also be a lot of work. If your children anything like mine, they have begged and pleaded with you to host a slumber party. I love giving them experiences I did not have growing up, so we host our SWEETEST Slumber parties right here in our home. 

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There are many activities and events to keep everyone engaged during a slumber party…From Karaoke to painting crafts, there is no shortage of fun for everyone. Your daughter will want moments of excitement and more relaxing times when they need time to recover. 

Create fun hairstyles
It is not always fun to style your own hair. When it comes to slumber parties, it is the ultimate fun time to create cute styles on one another. Pinterest some ideas or create your own for a sassy slumber party look. 

Make fun treats/meals together
Pizza is one of the most fun DIY dishes you can make on your own. It provides a way to add what they choose for their pizza, so all can enjoy it! For the main dessert, make S’mores that you can add as a sweet, tasty treat. You do not need a firepit to make the S’mores. Just Google the instructions, and you will find the alternatives. 

Write a story or tell spooky stories
Turn off all the lights, enjoy your S’mores, and tell scary stories. Turn this sweet slumber party into the spookiest yet with mythical creatures and ghosts. 

Pillow fight
No slumber party is complete without a pillow fight! But be careful. We do not want to hurt anyone! It is all in the name of good fun! 

The moon is bright, the stars are aligned…When it is a clear, dark evening, take your blankets outside with your stargazing app or telescope and see if you can spot Pisces or Ursa Major. Make it a game to see who can find Mars first. 

Movie Night
Spooky movie or classic? Maybe both. I would start with the scariest and work my way to the not-so-scary. Even though there is minimal sleeping at a slumber party, there are moments when creepy things will happen. So scary that you will think you are living in a nightmare. 

Spa Time
Facials, nails, and mediation, oh my…It is one of our favorite themes for our sweet slumber parties. No matter how crazy and silly we look, it is fun to do all things self-care with others. 

Concert Fun
My girls and I love a good concert. We cannot always make it to one, so we love attending a virtual performance during our slumber parties. Our most memorable one is with Ateez, a Kpop group. We went all out. We went thrift shopping for outfits, had a fun photoshoot, and danced the night away. 

You are not limited to ideas when planning for the sweetest slumber party. Take some time to plan together. You will have more fun if your girls are doing what they love. 


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