Halloween is my favorite holiday. I keep a running list all year long of costume ideas based on world events, new movies and songs, and my favorite puns. Sometimes we want something closer to home, so I’ve made a list of Austin-Inspired Family Halloween Costumes.

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This year my toddler has already vacillated between Buzz Lightyear, venom-spitting dinosaur, and Spider Man. If you’re not already convinced to dress up as the PAW Patrol, here’s the definitive list of Austin-themed family Halloween costumes in four easy categories.

Depending on your budget and craftiness you can go all out, or go abstract with all of these. Show us your photos and share ideas of your other Austin-themed costumes through the years in the comments!

For Nature Lovers

We have so many natural treasures in Austin, why not choose a family costume that showcases our biodiversity! You can go for puns, visit the relevant sites to learn about the biodiversity we have.


Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bat Fam! Represent our treasure of the largest urban bat population in North America. Maybe you can dress in all black for a low-key costume. Maybe one of your kiddos wants to be a DC Comics Bat Person?


Maybe you have two beautiful twins that could be the Twin Falls, all dressed in blue. Maybe everyone wants to wear a purple crown as the “Violet Crown”. You could even just order yourselves some “green belts” and call it a day with some hiking shoes. Jolly Green Giant anyone?

Texas Native Animals

Mix and match armadillos, monarchs, spiny toads, Barton Springs salamanders, etc. Google yourself a DIY option for your favorite animal, or hop over to your favorite costume store. You can represent Austin’s beautiful bio diversity and rake in the candy at the same time.

For budding musicians

The spirit of the Live Music Capital of the World can live in your costume! Whether or not you always dreamed of your family being the Von Trapp or Partridge Family, there’s a costume option to showcase your love of music.

Austin City Limits – Performers

Does your family have a favorite band? I mean maybe you’re all dressed as Blippy, or maybe your family listens to “real” music. This could be as intricate or simple as you want by carrying around drum sticks, cymbals, kazoos, and a whole pack of instruments.

Austin City Limits – Festival-Goers

Do you already dress bo-ho chic? Be your stylish selves and add some flash tats or a few ACL t-shirts and you’re good to go! Please skip the feathered headbands…

For Seasonal Delights

Trail of Lights

If this is a favorite family holiday memory, you have choices! Whether you’re individual bulbs, or all black decorated with a string of lights, you know what to do here!


Pumpkin Patch

Babies of all ages look super cute in head-to-toe orange with a little green cap! You could all be pumpkins, or maybe throw in a farmer, a bale of hay, and a tractor for extra sport.

For the Good Sports

Is it just me or is it getting green in here? Growing up in Austin the main sports colors were Longhorn burnt orange and…orange. We have local choices here now!

Austin FC Fans

There is no shortage of Austin FC merch you can get your hands on. Go wild and paint your face, carry around a vuvuzela or a drum, and get your green on.

Longhorn Fans

Well, this one’s a classic–you know what to do here! Whether you are longing for the days of Run, Ricky, Run or caught our latest piece on taking your littles to a game you get extra points if your dog will dress up as Bevo.

Photo Credit :: Noelle Westcott Photography

For future politicians (or comedians!)

Why not teach your little one about your favorite local politician? Take a page out of Esther’s Follies and celebrate (or roast) your favorite local elected.


These Austin-Inspired Family Halloween Costumes are a fun way to celebrate the holiday and the place you live in and love!


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