Today we celebrate World Kindness Day!

What is World Kindness Day?
It is an international day celebrating kindness, introduced by the World Kindness Movement in 1998. Their mission is to inspire individuals and create a kinder world.

This year’s kind theme is: Be Kind Wherever Possible. 

This World Kindness Day, take the time to be kind to yourself. As moms, we are often kind to others. It is natural for moms to take care of others and their needs before we take care of ourselves.

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How can you be kind to yourself?
We pour into the lives of others each day by caring for our families, neighbors, and maybe even our co-workers and employees. What if we started focusing on the kindness we give others but often lack when thinking of ourselves? As moms, let’s begin to be intentional about how we treat ourselves. There is always room for us to be kind. 

Kind Words Matter
Parents are a child’s first teachers. As you may already know, our kiddos will mimic our actions. They are sponges that soak up what we say and do. Are you kind? Do you constantly focus on your looks, weight, personality, or intelligence? Do you verbally express those thoughts and feelings? Guess what? That may be just the thing your child notices. Stop speaking negatively about yourself. Shift your words to positive ones that you would be alright with if your child were to say those words to themselves. 

Pour Into Yourself
Learn a new skill or hobby. Do the things that will spark creativity and make you happy. If you enjoy reading, take some time to go to the library, find a quiet corner and read. Want to learn how to skate? There are adult skate nights or days where you can take free or inexpensive classes to improve your new craft. 

We attempt to be everything for everyone and many days we fail. We struggle to meet the expectations that everyone has for us or ourselves. Be forgiving for those tasks that you were unable to accomplish. If you can forgive others for their shortcomings, you can and must forgive yourself.  

I know, I know. We are movers and shakers. Our families keep us on the go. You enjoy being busy but did you know that you can not pour from an empty cup? Did you know our bodies were made to rest? Somedays my body speaks loud and clear and tells me I must STOP. I have to listen. Listen to your body and get the rest you need. Yes, that means some nights, the dishes will have to remain in the sink. Do not make excuses as to why you cannot rest. (I am talking to myself, too!)

5, 4, 3, 2,1…Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale. You may be dealing with stress and feeling overwhelmed. Stop what you are doing right now and breathe. Relax your shoulders, inhale and exhale. Do it multiple times. You will notice a difference once you begin to breathe more. Right at this moment, you are being kind to yourself. 

Practice Gratitude…Thank yourself for practicing self-care, taking the time to breathe, and speaking positively into yourself. Kindness to others is vital to make this world a better place but kindness to ourselves creates a place of love and acceptance of who we are right now. Kindness opens our hearts and teaches us compassion towards others and the beautiful body that we reside in today. 

For more information on the World Kindness Movement click here.

Patrice Hernandez
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