From the delicious food to the time spent with loved ones, Thanksgiving is easily one of our favorite holidays. Even though it’s fun, there are still several risks associated and things to be aware of to keep your family and guests safe. Thanksgiving Safety is just as important as remembering the gravy, so listen up!

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While we all love having the little turkeys help in the kitchen, it’s important to remember the Kitchen Safety rules and keep them in place. Rules like keeping kids away from the hot stove and food is a must. We grew up by my Grandma’s rule, “if you can’t touch the back of the stove top without touching burners, you need a grownup!” Same thing goes with the fryers and grills. Don’t ever leave anything unattended and please, educate yourself on those Turkey Fryers. If they are outdoor fryers- DO NOT use inside! If they are indoor fryers, make sure they are being used in a safe area according to the instructions… And NEVER try to fry a Frozen turkey!!! Thanksgiving is the peak time for Kitchen fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association, so let’s all do our parts to make sure the firefighters get to enjoy their meal while it’s still hot.

As you are prepping those dishes and having the littles help, make sure to wash hands before and after prepping. Always follow all safe food handling instructions because no one wants to deal with food poisoning!  Also, as much as kids love sitting on the counters to help, sitting around the kitchen table, or bringing a chair next to the counter is a safer option. Even the older kids can fall off causing injuries, and nobody wants those on turkey day!

Speaking of injuries, when the fam gets together a lot of laughs are shared but that also means more kids running and playing, more family members throwing the football in between meals, and more bodies in the kitchen all which can increase the chance of those accidental injuries. If you are hosting, make sure all areas open to your guest are safe. If you plan to have young children over make sure they have safe areas to play (since eyes can easily get distracted just checking on food- remember, it only takes one second for an accident to happen). Put up all breakable items that are within that arm reach, make sure nothing is out that can be choked on, all chemicals put away etc.

If you plan on having a back yard or outdoors get together, make sure the area is free from debris and anything else that could trip someone. If you will be having a bonfire, check with local authorities to be sure there are no burn bans in effect & be sure to have it in a fire pit. Always keep a fire extinguisher or water-hose nearby.

Finally, remember more people are out traveling to their loved ones so be careful and pay attention while driving.

From all of us at Austin Moms, we hope you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Kaitlyn Ovenstone
Kaitlyn is a Native Austinite that loves exploring the ATX and surrounding areas with her Hubby: Jeff, and their 4 children: Kinsley, Jay, Kallie, and Kylan. For over a decade Kaitlyn has specialized in all lines of Commercial Insurance. She enjoys helping business owners understand the Risk they face and the coverages available for their protection. She has also helped thousands of families protect their home, cars and everything else in between. As a work from home Mom herself, she survives the chaos with Mocha Frappuccinos and finds her strength through Jesus. She hopes to inspire others by sharing some of the trials and tribulations she has walked through. Follow her journey and explore the good ole’ ATX with her on instagram @goaustinite!


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