I don’t need Botox, but I want it. It’s like wanting to dye your hair to hide the grays or applying make-up over blemished skin. You don’t need it, but you want it. So while I appreciate being told “you don’t need Botox”, I still want it and I’ll share why, along with some things you should seriously consider before booking a Botox appointment.

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I started Botox in my mid-30s to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. My goal was to look younger. In hindsight, that now seems so silly. Throughout the years I’ve switched my perspective on aging. First off, the word “anti-aging” implies something negative. It’s as if I am against acknowledging my years of evolving and experiences that only come with age. I wouldn’t trade the wisdom and personal growth for anything.

I’m a proud 40 year old with no shame in my skincare game. It’s great to have naturally aging skin without Botox. It’s also great to want to minimize fine lines and wrinkles with Botox. While it may make you feel more confident, Botox will not fix any self-love or self-worth struggles. When you’re truly comfortable in your own skin, the benefits of Botox are just icing on the cake. So ask yourself “why” you want to get Botox. Are you getting it for yourself or someone/something else? For me, Botox lifts and refreshes my face. It reflects more of how I feel inside. I typically get a Botox brow lift that opens up my eyes and I look more well-rested. It’s a game changer.

Have REAListic Goals

My goals change depending on how my face is doing from my last appointment and what I want. I don’t always get the same amount of units or areas injected every single appointment. Your provider should have your first and last BEFORE photos. This way you maintain your natural face with subtle enhancements. Goals should be based on what you look like, versus wanting to look like someone else. Be very specific in what you want and drop the limiting beliefs that if you get Botox your face is frozen.

My friend Michelle is a Chicago based provider and prides herself in creating more balance and harmony in facial structure and features.

Choose the Right Provider

Finding the right provider takes time and research. Ask friends, read reviews, book a consultation, and look at as many before and after photos of potential providers. Most providers have a social media account where they share their work. Read their captions. You’ll know if you like their work and the captions should give you an idea if they aim for more natural results. If a provider will say “no’ or “not right now” to a request, you’ll know they have integrity. Remember, any provider should guide, not pressure you into getting any service done. Less is more, and you can always go back for touch-ups. You may want to pay attention to your provider’s face. If they seem overdone to you, perhaps you may want to keep looking. Another thing to consider is if they work on continuing education. I followed Michelle’s Instagram for months before I booked and saw that she was consistently in trainings. Once you find a provider you trust, listen to their recommendations for your unique needs. Michelle recommends to “be honest in your consultation about what scares you about Botox and what you are hoping to achieve. Your provider should be able to explain to you how they plan to achieve your goals, avoid any unnatural results and set realistic expectations”

How Much?

Botox is priced per unit. The amount of units will depend on the area. Do not look for a deal or some sort of coupon for Botox. You can always do different areas of the face at separate appointments so you’re not paying all at once. Discuss with your provider on what areas to start with. Michelle says to remember, “While it may be interesting to know how many units your friends receive, your goals and anatomy may be completely different”.

Normalize Botox

I’m an open book when it comes to skincare. It’s my thoughtful choice to be honest on what I do for my skin. Yes, medical grade products, treatments, and routines work wonders but Botox is a huge contender in keeping my face looking smooth and lifted. It would be dishonest of me to share what I use and not mention that I get injections like Botox (and filler – we’ll save that for a different post!). Also, let’s give ourselves permission to do what we want to make ourselves feel and look good without judging each other.

Here are some before and after photos of me throughout the years. I’m extremely happy with my results. I recently treated my ​frown lines, crows feet, bunny lines, and chin dimpling. I can still move my face enough to be expressive and my lines are softened. I’m in Chicago a few times a year so I get to see Michelle when I need touchups.






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Carla Jian Primero
Carla Jian Primero is the founder of Carla Jian Wellness. CJW is a platform and space for women to move, breathe, and to find their calm in their busy lives through mindful self-care practices like yoga, sculpt, and meditation. Carla’s lifework is to be of service to other women, especially those that are coming into a whole new world or stage of motherhood. After years of healing she has found the harmony in the hard times and she is passionate about holding space for other mothers to do the same. Whether it’s teaching a meditation class to let go of anxiety or sharing a candid messy motherhood moment on Instagram, Carla wants to be that reminder to other moms that they are not alone. Carla is an ambivert and a classic Leo. She has been with her husband, Matt (also a Leo!) for about 19 years and have two children, Mason and Bianca. They moved to Austin from Chicago in August 2021. When they’re not exploring their new city, they are having lots of at-home dance parties and movie nights.


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