What are the kids into these days? Our teenagers are the trickiest to gift because they are not really into toys and they are definitely not into what their parents might want. They’re super particular, but probably said “IDK” when asked what’s on their Christmas wish lists. I have a couple of teenagers in my home and I get around on TikTok, so with a little research I came up with some ideas that are cool enough to be Christmas gifts for teenagers in 2022.

Inflatable Lounger – Portable and easy to inflate, indoor or outdoor use, tons of color options and available from several different brands ranging in price from $30 to $75.

Slippers – Uggs, Cloud slides, Pillow slides…whatever will make their feet feel like they’re walking on clouds. The softer and comfier the better!

Galaxy Light –  Like a night light, only cooler. These little projectors make the whole room look like the night sky. They’re very affordable and soothing to fall asleep to.

Puffer Jacket – They’re so in RN. They come in all colors and textures and are made by athletic brands like North Face and Athleta all the way to designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Canada Goose.

Mini Fridge – I’m talking about the adorable countertop ones in pastel colors where teens can stash anything chill…from skincare products to sparkling water. 

Converse Shoes – Think custom Chuck Taylors in gold glitter or the classic black and white. A fashion statement for guys and girls, easy to wear with jeans, dresses, or pajamas.

Polaroid Camera – An old fashioned idea that is making a comeback! Our teens are constantly bombarded with digital imaging making this analog technology vintage and fun. You can get them for under $100.

Lulu Lemon – Really anything by Lulu for him or her will be a hit. Belt bag, shorts, hoodies, crop tops, leggings. Did I mention anything from this brand will do?

Fuzzy Wearable Blanket – It’s all about being comfy and warm. Order one from Amazon for $50 and your teen can wear it to the movie theater, outdoor sporting events, or in front of the Playstation.

Carhartt Beanie – Rustic enough to be cool and very on trend for 2022. The cuffed style hasn’t changed in the last 3 decades but celebs are wearing them now and so our teens want them too. $20 or under.

AirPods – Obviously. And accessorize with cute airpod case covers, cord clips, and charger protectors for the win.

Bluetooth Speaker – Pick one that is waterproof and portable so your teenager can share their tunes beyond their airpods. They come in a range of colors and are priced from $30 – $300. 

What are you getting your teenagers for Christmas?



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