As a child, my mother said I had endless amounts of energy. I would flip and dance for days. One of my favorite family anecdotes was my mother trying to put me down for a nap. She would have to lay down next to me and almost bear hug me to “calm me down.” It ended up wearing her out! She would wake up from an hour’s nap to me jumping on the bed, and pulling the curtains down. No surprise that she put me in sports at the age of three.

The tables have turned. Now I have 4 children with the same vibe! #Karma

Since moving to Austin last summer we have tried several open gyms, camps, and classes to find the best fit for our kids. I am here to share all the tea in hopes that you can find belonging to help your own active family. 

Here are our top seven gyms and/or extracurricular activities in the Austin area for your BIG energy kiddos. 

Jungle Movement Academy (Round Rock)

The Jungle Movement Academy is a training facility specializing in various movement arts such as Parkour, Ninja Warrior, Aerials, Trampoline, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts and so much more. Jungle Movement sells memberships, so you can choose which days and classes you take based on your schedule. We did a family open gym and signed up for a parkour class. They also offer adult-only classes after 7 pm. The kids loved it, as did I! They constantly ask when we are going back.


Tumble Tech 

Whether your child has a passion for cheerleading, gymnastics, Parkour, or free running, Tumble Tech’s mission is to grow athletes to their greatest potential and value parents and their support. Our twin girls attended several open gyms at the Cedar Park location. With foam pits, tramps, and wide open space they were in kid heaven. I even had space to throw a tumbling pass. They also host camps and parents’ night out called Saturday Night Live. 


Austin Ninja

A friend from Austin Moms recommended this place. It specializes in ninja warrior courses. We took our oldest two to the summer camp, and they were wiped out after! They also have competitions and parent classes so you can join in on the fun if you feel so inclined. 


Synergy Dance Studio

My twins kept asking to start dance classes. As I asked around I kept hearing great things about Synergy. They had a musical theatre class that focused on tap, ballet, tumbling, and acting and I was all in! The girls recently had their first recital and they performed beautifully. It was well organized and communicated. Synergy also hosts camps, parents’ night out, and adult classes.

One World Karate

My middle son has been searching for a space to call his own. His brother is a soccer head and his twin sisters dance. This summer he asked to start karate. I have been blown away by One World. They host inclusive tournaments, no matter your children’s abilities, there is space for them at this martial arts studio. My husband and I and our son’s teacher have seen a huge shift in his behavior. He is more focused and respectful. Martial arts has helped him channel his energy. 

Barça Soccer Academy (Round Rock)

Our family is obsessed with the beautiful game! My husband grew up playing in the streets of South America. It’s no surprise that we searched high and low for a great competitive program. We were thrilled to find out Barcelona had an academy in Round Rock. Barça Academy is the official soccer school of FC Barcelona. The main goal of Barça Academy is to give players around the world the opportunity to learn the methodologies and values of FC Barcelona. Our oldest son has dreams of playing in the World Cup, this program may allow him to play at the Barça headquarters in Spain and play international tournaments, which excites our family!



Urban Air

Last but certainly not least, is Urban Air. This is an indoor adventure park. You may not have weekly classes or camps here, but there are thrilling attractions that will allow your kids to expend their energy jumping, racing, climbing, dodging, and playing to their hearts’ content. We recently celebrated my oldest boys’ birthdays here. They made memories at the trampoline park and played laser tag. I even had the opportunity to rock climb, play dodgeball, and bowl! There was fun for the entire family. 

Austin is filled with amazing places to engage our kids in physical activities. These are a sample of what our family enjoys. However, I’m certain there is so much more! Please share in the comments your favorite extracurricular activities that aid your kids’ sleeping at night! I’m sure there is a parent out there, with kids jumping on the bed and pulling down the curtains, that could desperately use the suggestion. 


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