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After keeping humans alive for 12 years, I consider myself a seasoned mama at this point in motherhood. Each season of mom life has been a little bit different, but one thing that has remained a constant {so far} is the need for a reliable babysitter. Whether it’s a work event, a date night, a doctor’s appointment during Covid where you weren’t permitted to take children, or something else that randomly pops up where you’re in a pinch for childcare, finding babysitters can be a challenge. That’s why I’m beyond IN LOVE with the Bambino App!

Bambino SittersI remember the first time I heard about the Bambino App and thought “meh, I don’t need that … I’ve already got a plethora of babysitters in my network.” Fast forward to the next date night and I literally couldn’t get any of them to respond to me or if they did, it was a “sorry, I’m not available”. Those responses forced me to turn to Bambino and y’all…. I don’t know why I was so hesitant to download the app!!! Bambino is life-changing, so easy to navigate, and a HUGE time saver when I need a babysitter!

I love it when I see someone ask in a neighborhood group post on Facebook “looking for childcare for my 3 kids ages 2, 4, and 6” and it’s literally crickets. I treat my babysitters like classified documents not intended for sharing with the general public. In all seriousness though, finding someone who is trustworthy, reliable, AND who will love your babies well can be a daunting task. Here are a few reasons why the Bambino App is so incredibly convenient. 

  • SUPER EASY | The App allows you to quickly create a profile that shares details like how many children you have, their names and ages, where you live, etc. I’m not going to lie… you kind of feel like your putting yourself out there on a dating website hoping to be as attractive as possible to potential babysitters!
  • Reviews | The app shows you “Top Rated Sitters” and reviews from your friends and/or neighbors who have used certain sitters that may be a potential match. I love being able to quickly see that a friend, whom I respect, used a certain babysitter and LOVED that person!
  • Closing Rate | I almost always close the deal with a potential babysitter! The app allows you to request as many potential sitters as you need for a higher closing ratio, as I like to call it. So I can send a request to my top 5 favorite sitters first and if they all quickly respond with “unavailable” I can then go back in and look at other sitter’s profiles to see who might be a good match for our family.
  • Babysitter Details | Speaking of finding a good match, I love that there is so much transparency with the Bambino App. These are LOCAL sitters recommended by your friends and neighbors. All sitters are vetted, verified, and go through a multi-step safety process to be on the app. I can see how old the sitter is, how many miles they live from our home, what their hourly rate is going to be, how many years of experience they have, whether they are CPR certified or not, etc.
  • Payment | Everything goes through the Bambino App!! So if we get home late and my brain is no longer fully functioning and connecting the dots, I’m at least capable of tapping a button for payment that’s already uploaded into the Bambino database. It’s super duper easy!

Bambino Sitters

With the tap of the Bambino app, you can easily find, book, and pay your neighborhood sitter. It’s legit! And if you’re like me and like to keep your sitter stash on the DL, now you know you can just check out the community tab and borrow your friend’s favorite sitter without her {or me!} getting upset!

Use Code AustinMoms on Bambino for $20 off your first sit.



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