Let’s talk Girl Scouts. I know what you’re thinking–cookies! Believe me, I feel that. There is NOTHING better than a sleeve (or two) of thin mints straight out of the freezer! But the Girl Scouts are far more than cute smiles and cookie sales.

The Girl Scout of Central Texas website, describes a Girl Scout as –As a Girl Scout, you’ll always be trying new things, and learning there are hundreds of small, powerful ways you can take the lead every single day. You could build a robot, create your own work of art, or climb a wall in the great outdoors.

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SO TRUE! Throughout the Central Texas area, girls from the ages of kindergarten to adults are working ever day to take the lead on making the world, and Austin, a better place. Girls work on a variety of skills to reach goals, experience life and earn patches. Let’s take Cookies for examples. During cookie selling season, Girl Scouts work on budgeting, planning, organizing, leadership, communication skills, math and more!

Growing up, I was involved in Girl Scouts and felt it built a lot of character and guided the type of person I wanted to become. Knowing the opportunities, it gave me, I wanted that for my own daughters as well. I now have a 7th grade cadette, a 2nd grade brownie and I am an adult scout and Troop leader.

We aren’t Troop Beverly Hills, but we are a lot of fun! No matter what your age, passion or part of town, there is a Troop in the Austin area waiting for you.


Ashley Rew-Hunter is described by a friend, as an explosion of rainbow sprinkles. Ashley embraces the notion that you only have one life and you need to make it count. With that being said, Ashley’s family motto is “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”. Ashley and her family have called Austin home for 22 years. They  now reside in the Bee Cave area. Ashley has worked for almost 20 years with Special Education Students, runs a successful naturally based haircare business and LOVES connecting through social media. You can keep up with Ashley, and her family @curlmecrazyashley


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