Did you guys know that March 21st is National Single Parent Day? I’ve been a single mom for what seems like forever and had no idea! But I am so glad to know that it exists. Sometimes the journey of single parenthood can make you feel a little invisible even when you have a village supporting you.

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Now that we know Single Parent Day is a thing, let’s take a moment to commemorate the day somehow. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Celebrate the wins! I don’t care how many “oh gosh, I’ve failed” moments you’ve had. On this day, we aren’t even paying attention to those. Carve out a moment and journal how you’re rocking it as a parent. After you write them down, read them out loud to yourself in the mirror. Sometimes you gotta be your own hype woman! Make that habit in your life.
  2. TAKE A NAP! I know that sounds small and, to some, impossible. Set your alarm for at least an hour and take a nap, sis. Do it, and don’t feel bad about it. I realize that most of the time, it’s for that very reason that I don’t take naps.
  3. Gratitude – Having a support system makes all the difference. When I first moved to TX, I had no one, and it was always scary and stressful. Treat someone in your village to coffee or send a text just to say thank you. It took years to find my village and goodness; I am so thankful for them. I also had to learn to accept invites for my kids to go back to VA to be with nanna during the summer. It’s important to be thankful for that.
  4. Do something that brings you joy. Watch your favorite movie, eat your favorite food, have a glass of “mommy juice, whatever you love doing but don’t get to often…do that and enjoy every single moment of it!
  5. Buy yourself flowers. I occasionally do this to make myself feel good and bring joy into the house or my workspace. It’s a total mood booster on days that you need it. This is also something you could do on any random day.

I’m a big believer in celebrating beyond designated days. Being a parent is a big deal, even when you’re doing it with a partner. There will be hard days, but there are also so many fun, beautiful, absolutely magical moments. For those who think being a single parent somehow makes you less than others (I’ve had those feelings, too), let go of those thoughts. You’re a whole superhero! Being a single parent takes strength, bravery, and resilience. Even on the worst day, you’re doing a great job! If no one has told you lately, let me tell you; YOU ARE THE BOMB GIRLFRIEND, AND YOUR KIDDOS THINK SO TOO! Oh, and happy national single parent day!


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