Looking for a way to get more bang for your buck when it comes to the Easter basket? Who says it has to be the same ‘ole same year after year.

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Check out these 25 alternatives to the traditional easter basket!

  1. Terra Cotta Planter- fill with gardening goodies, seeds, shovel, and cute gardening gloves.
  2. Rainboots- April Showers Bring May flowers and really adorable boots to fill.
  3. Sunhat Easter Basket- Turn the hat upside down and fill with outside toys such as bubbles, sunglasses, and sidewalk chalk.
  4. Beach bucket- fill with a towel, sand toys, and a swimsuit.
  5. Dump Truck- fill with shovels and rakes or mini construction trucks.
  6. Baby Cradle- fill with a babydoll, a bottle, and baby clothes.
  7. Tote Bag- you could personalize this with their name and it is sure to be a hit.
  8. Backpack- fill with colorful school supplies; notebooks, binders, colorful pens and pencils.
  9. Sports Bag- fill with cleats, soccer socks, a soccer ball, and a new water bottle.
  10. Pillowcase-fill with a movie, popcorn, and new pajamas.
  11. Mixing Bowl- fill with decorative cupcake liners, sprinkles, cake mix, and a festive apron for cooking up a sweet treat. 
  12. Caboodle- fill with hairbows, rubberbands, a brush, and some nail polish.
  13. Laundry Basket- fill with new socks and underwear.
  14. Trash Can- themed trash cans that can be used in their room.
  15. Wagon- this will be great for all those summer trips to the zoo and waterpark.
  16. Storage Easter Basket- something they can use for storing puzzles, games, and random toys in their rooms.
  17. Kiddie pool- fill a plastic or inflatable one with pool toys, towels, and swimsuits.
  18. Sand Box- fill with sand and sand toys.
  19. Tool Box- buy a real one or a toy one and fill full of things to help dad on his next project.
  20. Toy Box- need an excuse to purchase another toy box..here it is!
  21. Football Helmet/baseball helmet- turn them upside down and fill with things from their favorite teams.
  22. Opened upside down umbrella- fill it with new rain gear.
  23. Picnic Easter basket- fill it with a picnic blanket, fun cups , and utensils for the perfect picnic in the park
  24. Dog bed- this is for the child whose pet is their baby. Fill it full of treats and toys.
  25. Bug net-  fill with a magnifying glass, a bug guide, and bug house for a fun day of bug collecting.

Share your creative alternatives to the Easter basket!



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  2. Not necessarily creative, but our Easter basket this year is a bucket with shovel attached that he can take on our summer beach vacation 🙂

  3. I filled colored oblong buckets (from automotive/cleaning aisle) with a very small amount of candy ,a microfiber towel, horse grooming supplies in a grooming bag and a couple of small toys for all 4 of my kids. It was a hit with all of them.


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