Austin Doula Guide (plus why to have one and how to find one)

Even if you have a great support “team” your doula will make them even better!

Doulas are the best kept secret of an empowering birth! When one of my girlfriends first told me about having a doula attend her birth I thought “eww, I don’t want some stranger massaging me” but a Doula is so much more! According to Economist and mom nerd extraordinaire Emily Oster, women supported by a Doula are half as likely to have a C-Section. But why?

Doesn’t her fanny pack just scream “fun doula”?

Midwives, nurses, doctors…the experts in the room (especially at your first birth) come and go on their shift schedule. Much of the time they are sharing care with other patients and are not generally trained to focus on the birthing person’s needs, wants, and goals for their birth.

Doulas record all kinds of moments from your birth, like when I was expecting to be sent home but was almost 7cm dialated.

As crazy as it sounded, I knew I wanted a fun and active birth! I was busy with work and community service so I didn’t focus on any more specific details then that, until I realized that the induction my OBGYN had scheduled 20 weeks in advance for no medical indication beyond me and my husband’s personally high birth weight didn’t jive with my desire to limit medical intervention to what was medically needed. Eventually I fired her and got to work on thinking about my goals. 

Sometimes your doula will give you a massage

I went to several Doula meet and greets and didn’t connect with anyone. Before almost giving up, I took a birth class at St. David’s and was lucky to find a spark. This guide is meant to spare you the luck and homework it took for me to find my Doula (LOVE YOU AMYYYYYY) and give you some principles to find the right fit.

  • Imagine how you want your birth to be! Do you want peaceful and meditative? Do you want a dance party with family around? Do you want someone to get your support people in line and help them help you? Whether it is a birth center, hospital, or home setting think about what kind of vibe you want to help find the right doula.
  • Do you have any particular needs? Maybe you’ve miscarried on your birthing journey or are recovering from a distinct medical trauma. Is there a cultural awareness you want or specific language? Are you hoping for a VBAC or any particular pain management technique? Knowing what you need will help find a doula with the experience you have.
  • Think about your budget. This may not be the ultimate factor, but it is a consideration. There are different ways to fund your Doula needs and some HSAs/FSAs will qualify. Many doulas also have different levels of support offered that can help account for different budget levels but knowing upfront may give you time to save or pick the right one.

Austin Doula Guide and Round-Up

Now that you know what you’re looking for, here’s a list of my favorite doula collectives and their vibes. That being said, there are too many to list here in this Austin Doula Guide! Leave your favorite in the comments below, and join an Austin Mom’s group on Facebook and search “doula” to see more personal stories.

Eternally grateful to my doula Amy for capturing this amazing photo and for helping me navigate birth to get the empowering experience I was able to achieve.

ATX Doulas

My personal favorite and two-time birth support I can’t say enough good things about them! Visit their website to find a calendar of upcoming Doulapaloozas to meet the gals in person.

Sister Doulas

Working to mitigate the impact of racism on outcomes for Black birthing persons, Black Mamas ATX and the Black Mamas Community Collective currently sponsor two sister doulas free of charge for our community. More info at

Birth Comadres

Offering free services for undocumented mamas, birth comadres provides traditional Mexican rebozos, womb care, pregnancy loss support, and more in addition to traditional doula support. Visit for more information and support.

Austin Doula Care

Another robust and established practice, I’ve read tons of great reviews. Check them out at

Austin Birth Company

Also offering a host of doula services before, during, and after birth more info at

Stork ATX

For the luxury-seeking mamas, check out the suite of services provided at

Giving Austin Labor Support

Another great local option is GALS, or

Lioness Birth Training

Mother, wife, personal trainer, Birthfit coach, doula, & Austin Moms contributor. Tori believes every woman has the right to a beautiful & fulfilling birth experience. For more information click here.

When all is said and done, your doula will even help you set boundaries postpartum. Did you have support from a Doula at your Austin birth? Any other favorites you would add to the list?

Featured Image Credit :: Noelle Westcott Photography


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