It’s no secret that musical training is good for your child’s development and exploration of creativity. Did you know that science has shown that music can also change brain structure and function for the better? Yep, it can boost long-term memory, offer improved cognitive development – especially in those who start at a young age – and enhance children’s ability to think abstractly and creatively! Music can open up a world of possibilities whether it be singing, playing an instrument or engaging with rhythm. Incredible, right? So when it comes to finding quality kids music lessons in Austin I know that the search can be daunting.

 With so many places that specialize in providing quality music lessons for kids here in Austin, TX, it’s difficult to know where to start – but don’t worry. As a mom of two musicians, I have the scoop on the best places in Austin offering some of the best music lessons for children.

Here are 5 places to put your little musician on the right path!

1. Blue Frog School of Music

Located in the Oak Hill neighborhood of Southwest Austin next door to the Waldorf School, Blue Frog School of Music is a fantastic place for any budding musician. Offering one-on-one private music lessons for all ages and skill levels with a variety of instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, drums, voice and more – your little one will have plenty of options!

Blue Frog also provides workshops, giving students a platform upon which they can build their skills in creative ways while having enjoyable experiences throughout their schooling journey.

Stand Out Offer: The best yet – their first class is free! That’s right – no charge for the first lesson. 

2. The Round Rock Music Academy

The Round Rock Music Academy has been providing quality music education to residents of Round Rock, Hutto and Pflugerville, offering private music lessons, group music lessons, and the unique Rock Round Music School bus. Lessons are available for guitar, piano, violin, drums and music technology including software and apps!

Stand Out Offer: What makes Round Rock Music Academy special is that they host ‘Music Appreciation’ sessions each week where they invite all music lovers – regardless of experience – to join for a special listening experience. Every Friday at 5:00 pm, they play an album and discuss the music heard, exploring its elements, appreciating its history and having a great time. Space is limited, so make sure to RSVP ahead!

3. Strait School of Music

This Austin-based family business has been providing the best of musical items since 1971. They are well known for offering a wide variety of instruments, equipment, and accessories from some of the top brands around. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned little musician, their team of experts are able to help kids get what they need for their musical journey at any one of their four locations.

Now, in addition to providing an incredible inventory of instruments, Strait School of Music is taking things to the next level by adding music lessons! You can find the school at 3201 Bee Caves Rd, Suite 140 (in the old Stein Mart building) when it opens April/May 2023.

For more information about this exciting addition, please contact Matt Arduini at [email protected] and register if you would like to receive school related announcements.

4. Austin School Of Music

The Austin School of Music has been providing music lovers in Austin with the opportunity to grow musically since 1995. With two convenient locations – in North and South Austin – students can find personalized lessons in a range of genres and styles for all ages, taught by some of Austin’s finest educators and performers. Students can learn guitar, woodwind/brass instruments, piano, drums, voice, string instruments, bass guitar, songwriting, ukulele, mandolin/banjo, music theory and studio music engineering!

Stand Out Offer: If your family isn’t ready to commit to lessons, kids can join seasonal camps for a fun opportunity to explore the music world and decide what feels right for them!

5. The Musician Woodshed

Established in 2003, the Musician’s Woodshed offers a wide range of private music lessons with passionate Austin-based musicians including guitar, piano, voice, drums, violin/strings, bass, ukulele and recording. They have two locations in Lake Travis or Cedar Park providing online and in-person lessons. 

Stand Out Offer:In addition to lessons, the Woodshed offers these special programs:

Little Rockstars – designed specifically for kids 5 years old and younger to introduce music basics through fun activities and exploration.

Glee Cluba weekly session focused on vocal technique & performance skills culminating in live shows held off site.

Garage Band – 4-5 students form their own band over two months with an experienced instructor leading up to performance off-site.

Brittany Churchill
Brittany lives in Austin, TX with her two children as a youngish divorced working mom. In 2019 while going through a divorce, moving to a new state, re-entering the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for 7 years, and rebuilding her life, she published her first book “Tap In Not Out: How Overwhelmed Moms Can Reclaim Peace, Cultivate A Better Life, And Thrive.” Why did she write this book during so many major life transitions? Because she knew what she desired for her life - to be an author, speaker, and life impactor in this world. And she figured out the steps to make it happen even in the worst of times. In her book, she opens up in a candid, old-close-friend kind of way about her struggles and breakthroughs in motherhood while offering great life hacks and perspectives to help any mom out there. Her heart is to help women tap into powerful mindsets that ignite their most authentic self setting them up for a thriving life. Here is what people are saying about her book: “I read a lot and love reviewing. But THIS book is authentic, real, and encouraging.” (T.A.) “Ah, a breath of fresh air-- it's a serious book that makes you laugh out loud!!! This book was such a refreshing look at our humanity as moms!” (Grossman) “This book is great with funny mom stories, authentic mom self talk and inspiration for living the best mom-life. The author shows moms a way forward into the abyss of motherhood, where we often feel like we are fading into oblivion. She shows us moms how life can be exciting and fulfilling even in the mundane.” (Jessica) Brittany is active in her new community in Austin, TX. Whether she is connecting with others through, Bee Women in Bee Cave, or mom groups in the online world, she is constantly reinforcing a mindset to inspire all women to live their best life. In a nutshell, she is just a mom who figured out how to live her dream.


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