A letter to grieving parents in honor of Bereaved Mother’s Day…something I thought I would never in a million years be composing.

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Dear Mom’s and Dad’s of children in Heaven,

I understand you are walking in the deepest pain you will ever know. Whether the wounds are fresh, or the scars are deep.. I see you. I understand the sleepless nights, the crying in the shower, the blank stares you  give when someone asks, “How are you doing?” I see you, and I have walked those days. I still walk those days.  The made up responses we have to give to complete strangers when asked how many children we have, and you don’t have the strength or courage to utter the words, “I have a child in Heaven”. I hope you know you are not alone, even in the days of feeling invisible. You are not.  You are seen, you are loved,  and you are  highly favored. On the days where strength and courage seem fading, or just flat out vacant..I pray that from deep within you are able to muster the smallest seed of hope, and the tiniest bit of strength to continue inching along. Whether the tide of grief is crashing at your ankles, or just down right drowning you under:

Close your eyes as tight as you can.

Take the deepest breath.

Fill your lungs with hot summer air.

Put that sweet face in your mind and make a promise that you will continue to fight for them, all the days of your life.

Parenting is a sacred gift. A life long journey  like no other. It’s a calling, and I truly believe we have the hardest calling trying to navigate being a parent to a child in Heaven. What a glorious day it will be to hold our babies again. Until that day comes, live each day with intention, with gratitude, with joy and with the confidence knowing that we are in this together.

Spreading joy and hope until the trumpet calls me home,

A bereaved mother

Below is a list of small businesses that do a wonderful job of supporting bereaved mothers, parents and grandparents with thoughtfully curated gifts:

  1. Laurel Box
  2. Bottle of Tears
  3. Spoonful of Comfort
  4. The Morning

Chelsea Richardson
Chelsea is a born and raised Texas girl, originally from the Dallas area but has been living the Austin life for 10 years with her husband Evan. Former Division 1 volleyball player and Human Resource Coordinator that has traded the knee pads and timesheets in for all the necessities of being a stay at home mom. Chelsea is a mom to Ryver (2015), Nova (2018), Nixon (2020), one heavenly angel Jones (2017), and 2 very silly Golden Retrievers; Rainey and Renly. A true creature of habit, failing protectionist, and sourdough bread maker (the one good thing to come from Covid Quarantine) Her days start with lots of coffee, prayer, and usually end with a peloton workout and a glass of wine. However, somewhere in the middle she can be found loving, playing, taxing around, and doing everything she can to point her kids to the love of Jesus. Chelsea resides in Dripping Springs, Texas where they are in the process of building their forever home. You can keep up with Chelsea and her favorite people on IG (@ryver_runs_wild)


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