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Make a difference with the CMVictory Trial  
How your participation could help change lives   

They need you.

The CMVictory Trial, sponsored by Moderna, is still looking for healthy, female volunteers aged between 16-40 years of age to join. The clinical trial is for an investigational vaccine to protect against cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection.

3 reasons to join the CMVictory Trial:

By joining the CMVictory Trial, you are standing up for:

  1. The babies of tomorrow | For newborns, CMV infections can lead to disabilities that can last a lifetime. For instance, CMV infection is the #1 cause of non-genetic hearing loss.
  2. Women everywhere | Only 9% of women have ever heard of CMV, let alone the fact that it can harm an unborn child. Joining the clinical trial means potentially helping all of the mothers, sisters, partners, and friends potentially at risk.
  3. Your community | CMV has an unevenly high presence in communities of lower socio-economic status and minority populations, including African American and Latinx.    

It’s in your hands now

Contact us for more information.

Call or Text (972) 354-1520 or sign up on our website: https://www.acrctrials.online/studies-list


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