Happy Mother’s Day Month! I hope you find ways to party for yourself all month – even if it’s as simple as having cheesecake for dinner a couple of times. Sometimes, we moms forget how absolutely phenomenal we are, and I’m here to remind you today. I don’t care if you’re crawling around on the floor looking for a lost pacifier with a lollipop stuck in your hair or watching your toddler meltdown on the floor in the Target aisle. You’re still amazing! Those moments accompany the territory, and in this safe space, I’ll be the first to say, “Girl, I have been there!” If you’re reading this and having a crappy day, please accept my virtual hug. If you’re struggling to give yourself grace, here are some affirmations that have helped me take it easy on myself.

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  1. No one is more qualified to mommy my children than me.
  2. Self-care is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.
  3. I will celebrate a great day even if the house isn’t clean.
  4. I am more than a mom. I’m a woman with goals and passions outside of parenting.
  5. I am a safe space for my children.
  6. I will not compare myself to other moms. I’m perfect for my family and their unique needs.
  7. I will not mom shame myself or other moms.
  8. Everything is going to be OK.
  9. I deserve love and grace, and I welcome those things into my life.
  10. Sleeping in is not a sin!

I highly recommend posting these affirmations where you find yourself the most or hiding a few on a Post-it in random places that you’ll come across by surprise later. It’s a bonus if you read them out loud while having a 5-minute dance party in the bathroom a few times a week. These are all just suggestions. Make a list of your own, authentic to you and the challenges you face. Just make sure you’re talking nice to yourself. Our internal dialogue will determine our perspective on this mom journey. Watch what you say to yourself, sis, even when you forget baseball practice or your teenager tells you you’re the worst because they couldn’t go to an unsupervised party (one day, I’ll tell ya about the time mine had his friend pretend to be a parent over the phone).

None of us has this mom thing all figured out; remember that! Look at yourself in the mirror and say nice things as often, it won’t be a magical fix for everything, but it may just have you smiling and throwing glitter in the midst of chaos.

What Mommy affirmations do you live by?


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