The world is evolving and it’s no longer necessary to have a corporate job or even go into an office. WFH is one thing that I am so grateful for that I fell into early but it is also one of the most challenging.

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I started my business in late 2018 after my daughter was born and it was one of those things that kind of just made sense to me. At that time my husband and I were traveling for his work in the gas & construction industry. It was near impossible to obtain a corporate job considering we moved every 6 months to a year so I typed 5 magic words into Google-“how to work from home” …The rest is history!

The flexibility of working from home was what I craved and now that I have 2 littles I realize just how important that is. With Summer approaching the kids are home and in my workspace. To say the least, a bit more of a juggling act comes into play.

Here are a few tips (from one non-professional juggler to another) for an efficient Summer schedule for your WFH life (and your sanity). 

Lighten Your Work Load

When you work for yourself you often get to choose the hours you work and how/when to take on new clients.  What I’ve found helpful during the Summer months when my kids are home with me is to take on less clients and projects. This helps me to free up some time to experience activities with my kids. 

If lightening your workload isn’t an option, be sure you mark that much deserved vacation time on the calendar!

Figure Out What Your New Work Schedule Looks Like

Are you shifting to working at night when your kids are sleeping or getting an extra hour or two in the early morning? What used to be peaceful and quiet during the day is most likely going to change so altering your schedule for workflow efficiency is going to be a game changer at keeping the headaches at bay!

Keeping the Kids Busy

Don’t feel like you need to keep the kids entertained at all times. I start looking into Summer camps and local daytime activities to get them out of the house, having fun and burning energy. While they are making friends and utilizing their social skills we can get the work done that we need to. You can also plan ahead for Summer camp days and create a list of priority items or things that have been sitting on the back burner to sit down and work on.

I love to tote the kids along to places like The Hive in Menchaca or Pikopeyes Town where co-working and kids imaginative play coexist!  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Plan Ahead

In anticipation of working less, get ahead now as if you were going on vacation. There are so many things you can get ahead on to decrease the daily stressors. A few of the tasks that I like to prep in advance to the official Summer break are planning social media content, scheduling emails and writing blogs for June, July and August. Not having to scramble to fit those in your busy schedule will be so helpful. 

During those crazy months when the kids are home there are a few things I like to plan for also. Taking calls is  a smart task to plan for. Schedule those calls during nap time, Summer camp, or during your co-working session. Another one of my favorite Summer mother hacks is to plan ahead for meals during the week. I like to create a menu every week so that I know exactly what I am making everyday and I have all the ingredients to get it done because we all know what a headache it can be to run to the grocery store and cook in the same day. On top of a child asking for snacks while you’re cooking or a toddler reaching on the counter tops? No thanks! I’ve found this works best for me and my family for a smooth meal time process.


If you have been thinking about outsourcing, now is a great time to start! I am always a fan of outsourcing no matter how big or how small the projects or hours are. All of the tasks mentioned above are great things to outsource if you are unsure of where to start. You will be amazed at how much time and energy you save. And if you need a little help around the house, you can outsource dry cleaning, house cleaning, and even meal prep to give you time back in your day to spend with your family. Try it and let me know how it goes!

Give Yourself Grace

Your Summer schedule might be a bit all over the place, and it might not ever feel “normal” but THAT IS OKAY. You will be exhausted, frustrated, and at times, unmotivated but creating an efficient Summer schedule to help you be productive yet still present for your kids is worth it. Remember that you are an amazing person outside of your job with unique interests and hobbies that fill your soul. Tap into that this Summer and show your kids what a hardworking and dedicated mother you truly are! 

Let’s face it- Summers are hard. We can start counting down the days until the Fall semester together! 

Featured Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

As an entrepreneur and speaker, Bianca spends her days in a green spinny chair putting her creative peddle to the floor or booking marketing workshops with one hand while passing out snacks with the other. Her Business Make It Bloom Media is a digital marketing agency that helps women create a jaw-dropping brand aesthetic and build an unforgettable online presence that you may have seen on the CW Austin. Born and raised in Mason, Texas, Bianca got her first dose of wanderlust in 2015 when spontaneously making the move to Pennsylvania with her husband David. Since then, the two have traveled up the Northeast US every six months to a year in their RV before they realized a car seat would be an added accessory on future trips. To become closer to their families during this time, their landing inched nearer to their hometowns when finally landing in Austin in 2020. As a wife to an adventure enthusiast and mom to 2 energizer bunnies, you can often catch them frequenting Austin parks, farmers markets, festivals, the lake, diving into DIY projects, and throwing steaks on the grill. Follow her journey on Instagram at @biancasegundo_ or @makeitbloommedia


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