When my son was almost 2 years old, I took him to get his first haircut. He did a pretty good job of sitting still, but his hair still came out uneven and the stylist charged me $25. At the time, that might as well have been $1 million. I decided then to lean into my desire to be a hairdresser and cut his and my daughter’s hair myself at home. I did no worse than the hairstylist who robbed me and it was Free Ninety Nine. But now my daughter is 8 and she cares more about her appearance so I did some digging to find places for kids haircuts in Austin that would do a good job and be gentle on my pocket. It was also important to me to find a place where we could both get our haircut. Allow me to save you some research time with the locations below with

Places to Get Kids Haircuts in Austin (and Surrounding Areas)

Cozy Rosie Salon 

First on the list is the place I ultimately ended up choosing. This wasn’t the typical salon experience as Rosie, the stylist, only sees one client at a time. It felt like a VIP experience! She was so great with my daughter, playing the music she liked, listening to her talk about her day, and complementing her curls while she worked. I let her know ahead of time that I’m working on getting my little girl to love her natural hair so I really appreciated the extra enthusiasm. Pricing is super reasonable and starts at $35 for a kids cut.

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

If you’d rather go to a salon that is decorated and tailored specifically for kids, this is it! The stylists have experience working with young kids and see clients starting at age 2. The younger kids get cool cars to sit in rather than traditional styling chairs while older boys have gaming stations and older girls have a private “tween” lounge. Prices start around $25 and they have 4 locations in the Austin area so you can pick the one closest to you!


Man what I would have given for a place like this to exist when I was growing up! Their website says “SC4Kids was founded to provide quality natural hair maintenance for children ages 2-18.” Their mission is to cultivate self-care at an early age, encourage self-esteem and partner with parents to care for natural hair. Located in Central Austin, they offer all kinds of services from haircuts and scalp cleanses to locs and braids. One thing I loved is that they offer virtual consultations for first-time client–that is how important it is to them to make sure their clients’ hair is well cared for. Prices start at $30 and vary from there. 

Little Hair Kuts 

Similar to Sharkey’s, Little Hair Kuts offers fun character chairs, TVs and games for little ones to stay entertained during their visit. They are known for their friendly environment and decades of experience, having operated in Austin for over 26 years! The stylists here are also experienced working with children with special needs so if your kiddo needs extra special treatment, this is the place for you. Prices for kids cuts start at $20

Jenna’s Inclusive Haircuts

Looking for a hairstylist who does house calls and has experience working with children with special needs? Look no further! I found Jenna’s page on Facebook and immediately fell in love with what she does. She is a master cosmetologist who has decided to use her skills and experience to provide haircuts for children with special needs, adults and the elderly. Her house calls are currently limited to the first Friday of every month so reach out and make your appointment early! 

More places we love:

Sit Still Kids Salon Austin

Cookie Cutters

Jolly Kids Cuts

Pigtails & Crewcuts


Birds Barbershop

Laura Lorta
I’m Laura Lorta (pronounced, Loud-Uh, not Lore-uh) I’m a coffee-obsessed mom of two kids, one of whom is recently taller than me, and I am the Queen of Job Hopping. By the time I was 26, I’d already had 18 jobs and, last year alone, I worked for 7 different organizations. My lack of consistency in my profession isn’t due to a lack of ability (I was a teacher for 7 whole years!), it’s more a desire to follow all of my interests. My motto is that life is too short to be just one thing until you die. 


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