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Summer is almost here, which means many of us will be traveling! Oil prices have increased, fuel prices have gone up and us consumers are paying more at the pump.  

It is never too late to think about what we can do to save on fuel costs, especially as we prepare for summer road trips. These driving tips can help you save money, time, and headaches! Thank you to Hewlett Automotive Group for all of these amazing tips! 

To optimize your fuel efficiency:

  1. Keep tires properly inflated,
  2. Accelerate and brake gently and gradually,
  3. Turn your vehicle off while idling,
  4. Remove any excessive weight in your cargo area, and
  5. Use cruise control when appropriate.

Vehicle Maintenance is pertinent for improving fuel economy:

  1. Replace your tires when needed: Tires affect vehicle fuel efficiency primarily through rolling resistance.  Uneven and low tread patterns force your vehicle to work harder to gain traction. 
  2. Check your vehicle alignment: If the alignment is off, it makes the vehicle work harder when steering which leads to the use of more fuel.
  3. Replace a dirty engine air filter: Dirty air filters pass less air into the engine causing air restrictions. 
  4. Replace fuel filter: A clogged fuel filter decreases fuel efficiency and prevents smooth acceleration.
  5. Replace spark plugs: Worn spark plugs prevent your engine from efficiently burning all of the fuel in the combustion chamber resulting in wasted gas.
  6. Keep up with your oil changes: Regular oil changes help improve your fuel mileage. Clean oil moving through your engine lubricates the metal parts increasing your engine performance. This helps it run more efficiently with less work.

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Let Hewlett Volkswagen help you save money and ensure your vehicle is ready for the road.  Bring your Volkswagen by during normal service business hours for a Free Alignment Check or Complimentary Pit Stop service which includes checking your tire pressures, tire condition and topping off of fluids.

Safe travels!

Don HewlettHonesty, loyalty, and lasting relationships are the Texas True values the Hewlett family and their employees have lived by since Mr. Hewlett’s first automotive partnership began in Georgetown in 1971. The dealership exemplifies tradition and family values in every aspect of the business. As a family, the Hewlett’s have developed a strong sense of loyalty to their brands, customers, employees and community. Don Hewlett Chevrolet Buick is a proud sponsor of school programs, community events, and non-profit organizations all around Central Texas. “Texas True” isn’t just company slogan for the Hewletts. It’s a steadfast way of life and a rock-solid promise to our community.


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