When I was a new mom with a fiery toddler, I had no idea what I was doing. I was making it up as I went along, and I had struggled early on. Things were complicated in my personal life at that time, and I was only just beginning to put the pieces back together.Part of the effort I made was to search for an activity to do with my little one so that I could spend more one-on-one time with her, and, as a mom, begin to find my own space and community. I jumped at the chance to enroll in Mi Casa Es Tu Casa’s mommy-and-me program because of the Spanish. That was the thing that drew me in, but hardly the only reason I’m still there with my youngest daughter 6 years later…

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The Best Class to Learn Spanish with Your Baby Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

I knew about the benefits of bilingualism, and that starting early was best. But I had only been able to find activities that tacked on Spanish as an added bonus. This immersive approach to learning the language was exactly what I wanted for my child!

All of the songs were in Spanish. The music, which has since been nominated for 2 Latin Grammys for Best Latin Children’s Album, was catchy, fun, and at times incredibly beautiful. We listened in class and at home every chance we got.

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Beyond the Spanish, this was a rich, cultural experience for us. And there were families there from all different backgrounds: some with no Spanish, some whose heritage or native language was Spanish. The class was supportive and easy to follow. Everyone was welcome, no matter their level of Spanish, and it was just a beautiful thing.

Six years later, I can show you videos of both of my daughters singing and talking in Spanish. But it turned out that Mi Casa Es Tu Casa was exactly what I needed for very different reasons

Finding Community & Socialization

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Mi Casa Es Tu Casa became a gathering place that I looked forward to every week. I was GIDDY to get out of the house and go be around the warm, kind teachers and the other moms. The ritual of arriving and taking off our shoes, finding a place in the circle of other families and beginning class with the ringing of a bell was incredibly soothing for me. 

I often arrived emotionally exhausted from my personal life, and I didn’t always feel capable of “putting on a show” for my daughter in music class. But the energy and authenticity of the Mi Casa Es Tu Casa team, plus the familiar structure of the 50 minute class, carried me. And I always left feeling better than when I arrived. 

The name, Mi Casa Es Tu Casa (my home is your home), was not taken lightly. The moment you step in, you feel the warmth and care, and that was so healing for me.

I began to realize that the safe, familiar class was also offering my toddler a chance to practice socializing with other toddlers. She could practice being gentle around babies, work on her sharing during instruments time, and dance and hop with the little ones next to her as a form of communication. This was preparing her for starting preschool soon, without me even realizing it.

I did my own socializing too, making life-long mom friends at the North/Central Austin studio. One of those moms, to this day, is still one of my best friends, and our daughters are close as can be. We have been through a lot together over the past 6 years, including navigating pregnancy losses that we supported each other through. 

Today we are both back in Mi Casa Es Tu Casa classes: me with my 2-year-old, and her with her brand new baby. I’m grateful for both the solid, long-lasting friendships I’ve made and the social connections and resources that I still access when I need support.

Practicing Mindful Parenting

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

What I haven’t told you is how Mi Casa Es Tu Casa changed my life. I was a brand new mother with a 3-month old when we found out my father had cancer. So by the time he passed away and I had a toddler on my hands, you could say my emotional cup was EMPTY. I was parenting from a place of frustration and anger. 

I wanted my toddler to listen to me when I told her it was time to brush teeth. I wanted her to wear her shoes on the right feet, and leave the park when it was time to go. I yelled. I hate remembering those moments now. 

Through Mi Casa Es Tu Casa’s classes, I learned bit by bit what conscious parenting was. I wasn’t always receptive in the beginning, but the messages kept coming. The teachers always explained the child development behind the psychology-based program

And during the lullaby, when the lights were out, and all the mamas and papas had their babies crawling on top of them, the teacher shared words of wisdom that slowly, over time, sunk in. 

My child was not behaving badly, she was asking me for something. My child was incredibly connected to how I was feeling and was certainly mirroring my own emotions. Deep connection and truly listening to my child could get us a long way. When things bothered me, instead of asking what my child could do to stop bothering me, I began asking myself why I was bothered.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa opened a door to reading and learning more about conscious parenting through their classes, and through the resources they keep on hand for parents

I’m a calmer, happier person, a better partner, and certainly, a better mom. 

I hope every parent gets the chance to experience Mi Casa Es Tu Casa and get excited about any part of the program: the music, the Spanish, the American Sign Language, the dancing, the community

And I hope that each and every family leaves with exactly what they needed, even if it’s not what they first came for. 


Alice Gray is one of the few moms who found a way to stay at Mi Casa Es Tu Casa even when her first born outgrew the program. She began working at Mi Casa Es Tu Casa almost 5 years ago and has since had the privilege of having a second baby. So she now gets to walk into the studio sometimes as a mom for class with her little one,  and sometimes as a team member. Sharing her own parenting journey and the inspiration she has drawn from Mi Casa Es Tu Casa is important to her. Reach out with any questions for Alice or to try out a class: [email protected] 


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