When looking for prenatal resources to help optimize my chances of a successful VBAC last year, saying I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Not because there is a lack of resources in the area, but quite the opposite! There are SO MANY resources to navigate and oftentimes I didn’t know where to start. This list of Resources for Expecting Mamas in Austin can help mamas on a similar journey find their village and team so they too can feel empowered like I did.



Pro Tip: There are endless amount of doula’s and doula groups available in the area (postpartum included). I suggest interviewing a few doula’s and do so as early in the pregnancy as possible.


Again, there are endless amount of options for birthing centers and midwives all over central Texas. Be sure you do your research, ask all the questions, and again, starting looking early!


Lactation Support


Fitness Instructors

Physical Therapy


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I truly hope these Resources for Expecting Mamas in Austin helps those in need. Share any resources I missed in the comments!

Michelle Mathis
Michelle resides in Leander with her husband Steven, and 2 daughters. She is a full time working mom in tech sales at Sprinklr. She graduated from Texas State with a MS in Family & Child Studies. In her free time, Michelle loves to go on hikes, workout, go to concerts, throw parties, give back to the community and travel. She loves exploring and seeing the world through her daughter's eyes. Additionally, after having her second baby, Michelle has found a new love for meditation and mindfulness and recently completed Inner Engineering and is working on completing her Yoga Teacher Certification.


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