Ali Broom

Ali Broom

6 Ways to Teach Advent to Our Children

The holiday season can be so busy. In our family, we are striving to create family memories, have quiet reflections, and celebrate meaningful traditions.  The main way we have refocused the month of December around...
Austin Moms Blog | 15 Reasons Costco Rocks

Costco ROCKS :: 15 Reasons Why You Need to Love it Too

I am originally from the West coast, Costco’s birthplace.  I grew up shopping at Costco and have always loved the membership only, bulk shopping warehouse.  As I have grown up, I have fallen more...
Austin Moms Blog | I'm Not the Mom I Thought I Would Be

I Am NOT the Mom I Thought I Would Be

From a very young age, my greatest desire in life was to get married and have babies.  That wonderful dream has come true. I have been greatly blessed with a loving husband and a joy filled...
Austin Moms Blog | A Warm Texas Christmas

Making Texas “Feel Like” Christmas

A Warm Texas Christmas Like most Austinites, we are not from Texas.  My husband and I are from Washington, where each Christmas was filled with snow, big coats, and freezing temperatures.  This will be our...

Chicken Enchiladas: Fast, Easy, & Only 8 Ingredients

Need a big meal for your family?  Want to add a meal to the freezer for an easy dinner in the future?  Need to make dinner for a friend?   All of this can be done...

Just a Boy & His Dog

A treasure found on OneDay Over the past few months I have been using OneDay to take small videos of my son.  Today, I was looking through some of the short clips I have made...

Learning to Say Goodbye: Coping With a Loss

Less than 72 hours ago I was on a walk with my son and our very energetic golden retriever Brody.  Today we are mourning the loss of our sweet dog and attempting to adjust...

The Intentional Jar: Making the MOST Out of Time

We talk about the time with our kids moving too fast!  It’s like I blinked and my sleeping newborn baby is now a little boy running through the house!  How did this happen so...

5 Easy Activities to Start Teaching Your Child How to Read

Helping our babies and toddlers learn to read feels overwhelming.  Where do you even begin?!?!   I don't have all the answers but I do have five easy, no preparation involved, activities that will help...

The Guilt in Going Back to Work

I spent the first year of my son’s life as a full time stay-at-home mom.  BUT that first year ended in March when I decided to pursue a dream of starting my own business...