Alison Bogle

Alison Bogle
Alison Bogle is a writer living in Austin with her husband Scott, daughter Ana (2006) and boy/girl twins, Reed and Sofia (2011). A former marketing manager turned fourth grade teacher, she now works at home as a unicorn. Seriously. Magical thinking is the only possible explanation for how her family thinks she could pull off all they ask of her! She loves travel, reading, running, blowing off steam with friends, being outside, and the Don Juan taco with a passion. She can usually be found biting off more than she can chew and, of course, writing about it. Check her out at or monthly in Austin Family magazine.

Loving a Child with a Mental Health Disorder

My child has a mental health disorder and parenting her is lonely and so very hard at times. Mental health disorders are not the kind of diagnoses that you share on Facebook or for...

Could Your Child Have Autism? April Is Autism Acceptance Month

We are a family affected by autism - our oldest daughter is on the spectrum. She wasn't diagnosed until 14, when a very perceptive therapist suggested that we have her evaluated. Our girl is...

Sanity in a Jar: Mason Jar Projects to Get the Ya-Yas Out

These warm days we’ve been having are giving me a split personality. On the one hand, I feel like a lizard – lifting my face to the sun and soaking in all of the...

The Importance of Father/Daughter Relationships

The importance behind a father/daughter relationships is so important. A common life situation many face made me realize how important the value is in my relationship with my father. I am sure other mamas...
Cervical Cancer Awareness

I Am One of the Lucky Ones: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

I am one of the lucky ones. My regular pap smear triggered a follow up call to tell me that abnormal cells were found and I would need a repeat, just to rule out...

Tips for Visiting Disney During the Pandemic

I have long been a fan of Disney World, and, as soon as they were old enough, my husband and I brought each of our children to Florida to be indoctrinated into all things...

What If I Don’t Want Isolation To End?

I’ve been thinking subversive thoughts lately. Things like – I’m not sure I want this social isolation thing to end. I know it flies against popular sentiment, so I have kept it to myself....

My Husband Told Me He Loves Me Thirteen Times Today

We were driving somewhere recently when I was struck by a message on one of those road safety billboards – “You can’t see what you don’t look for.” It was about the need to...

How To Raise Kids In The Age Of The Internet

I’m showing my age here, but I didn’t have internet access until college. I got my first cell phone towards the end of my senior year, and I had the ability to slowly learn...

Advice For When Your Marriage Is In The Trenches

What if your marriage is in the trenches? There is so much beautiful advice out there for marriage - how to strengthen your marriage, how to keep it alive, how to make sure your partner...