Ali Tierney

Ali is a lover of boybands, cheese, and a good leather jacket (not always in that order). Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, she left her career as a radio personality to move to Texas with the love of her life, Ed. Since moving to Austin, she became a wife, mama to two sweet little boys, and author of "B is for Boy Bands." She loves salsa dancing, nail salons that serve champagne, and has an Mmmbop tattoo. You can check out her book on Instagram @bisforboybands

My Baby’s First Crush Crushed Me

My baby’s first crush nearly CRUSHED me.  Mamahood has its ups and downs, beautiful and messy moments. Milestones and tantrums and everything in between. We all read the books and the blogs and prepare ourselves...

6 Lessons Learned from a Boozy Brunch

My life as a Mama has consisted of more eat, sleep, nurse, repeat than put the thing down, flip it and reverse it and it shows. When the time came to release me into...

Loving My Postpartum Body -ody-ody

Seven years old. That was the first time I grabbed my belly in front of the mirror. I did not want to have a pool party and I certainly didn’t want to wear a...

Friendship in Your Thirties: The Sweet Spot

When you’ve made it to friendship in your thirties, you’ve done just that...made it. By now you’ve done a pretty good job weeding through the fakes and fairweathers to assemble an A+ lineup. These...

My Birth Plan is Not to Plan, Anything Can Happen!”

Elevated blood pressure, PVCs, a Disney villain-worthy cardiologist, and multiple scans are just a few things that scrambled my perfectly curated (and color coordinated) birth plan. Often I would lie through my teeth and...

Precious Cargo: Traveling with Kids by Car

Gone are the days that you pack your car with best friends, roll down the windows and crank up the girl power anthems. Road trips and in general, traveling with kids look less like...

Ways to Help Your Partner Connect During Your Pandemic Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be so isolating. Pregnancy during a pandemic is on a whole different level. A usually exciting time spent celebrating with loved ones is really shaken up when your partner can’t even attend...

5 Health Choices I Made for Me

While tucking and rolling to dodge the countless diet advertisements the past few weeks, I started to set my intentions for the new year. Let’s be real, I’m 7 months pregnant so there’s definitely...

Mommin’ with Debilitating Migraines

I used to wake up in debilitating fear of when one of my next migraines would hit. They would often sneak up on me with no notice, take my sight and sanity, and leave...

I’m Pregnant & He Ate My Bagels

After a long day of being tired and hungry, I was exhausted and starving. I’m talking “I can’t be bothered with cooking, and if I could safely swallow food while sleeping I’d never leave...