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Austin Moms Blog | 5 {Mostly Free} Ways to Treat New Moms

5 {Mostly Free} Ways to Treat a New Mom

Treat yo self! Or really let's treat a new mom! If you've had a baby, you know how invaluable it is to have help when you come home. There are so many things that...
Austin Moms Blog | The Decline of Maternal Healthcare in the USA :: Natural Childbirth

Why a Natural Childbirth is Best for Moms

Did you know that the U.S. is the ONLY developed nation with a rising maternal death rate? I'm going to let that sink in for a minute... Before you pick your jaw up off the...
Austin Moms Blog | When Boys Play With Girl's Toys

When Boys Play With Girl’s Toys :: Is it Okay?

I have a son who could mostly be described as 'all boy'. He loves trucks, Transformers, Star Wars, wrestling, fishing... For the most part, dolls and stuffed animals are things he has never been...

Goodbye Pregnancy, Hello Baby… 10 Things I Won’t Miss

I am one of those women who LOVES being pregnant. I love knowing how strong my body is and that {with a little help from the hubs} I've got LIFE inside me! It's a...
Austin Moms Blog | Why I Chose Extended Breastfeeding

Yes, That’s a Toddler On My Breast: Extended Breastfeeding

So much about raising my first child has turned out to be trial-and-error {sucks to be you, son!}. A lot of decisions were made in the heat of battle because I just didn't know...

SEX :: 6 Tips About the Birds & the Bees

When I think about all the things I am entrusted with as a mom to teach my children, it can be extremely overwhelming. Everything from self-confidence and good manners to...the facts of life! I...

Dear Working Mom-To-Be

When I look back on what I thought going back to work after becoming a mom was going to be like compared to what it actually was... Man was I naive {grin}! I think...

Prioritizing Your Marriage After Kids

This is a fitting topic for me as my husband and I just got back from a trip for our 10-year anniversary. We went away for 4 days without the kids to really spend...

Pampered Pregnancy: 10 Ways to Treat Yourself

There are only certain times in your life where it is completely acceptable and even expected that a mom should be pampered. Never mind that I think a mom deserves to be pampered ALL...


I distinctly remember being nominated to call my sister {after her first miscarriage} to tell her that our younger cousin was pregnant. My parents thought she'd handle the news better from me. After prepping...