Amber Anderson

Amber Anderson
Extended Travel without kids

Extended Travel Without Kids

Extended Travel Without Kids While pregnant with our youngest (now 22 months), my husband and I went to Turks and Caicos for 10 (glorious) days. It was the first time in my working adult life...
december birthdays

Your Snarky Guide to Navigating December Birthdays

All I want for Christmas is for someone to remember my birthday. You’ve seen the meme. But it’s only funny because it’s true. Holiday birthdays kind of suck. And because you weren't smart enough...
holiday boundaries

Setting Holiday Boundaries

In a land far far away, there lies a holiday with no schedules, no calories, all the naps and zero family drama. If ever you reach this oasis in the dessert, please drop a...
older kids

Dear Moms of Older Kids, From a Mom of Littles

Dear moms of older children, I know your stage is hard too. I remember yelling “efff you” (censored for your reading pleasure) to my mom when I was sixteen and slamming the door in her...
sibling complex

The Sibling Size Complex: A Big Girl And A Small Boy

  I have two kids. One eats everything and the other eats nothing. One is in the 80th percentile and the other is in the 5th percentile. One is 3.5 and the other is 1.5. One is a...
saying no

The Art of Saying No to Birthday Parties, Volunteering and More

I’m the master at saying no. I like to say no. I’m good at saying no. (My children can confirm this.) And I still find myself overloaded at times. So how in the world are you...

Tips for Taking Professional Family Photos

Just one good family photo. That’s all I want. Is that too much to ask? Can we not all look at the camera at the same time AND smile? One photo that isn’t super dark?...

13 Tips for Taking Small Children to College Football Games

Riff Ram Bah Zoo! These are the words I learned when I married a TCU Horned Frog. Coming from a school without a football team (which is like a major sin in Texas), I...
child says I can't

How To Respond To A Child When They Say “I Can’t”

Is it just me or is it super annoying to hear people respond to a child saying “I can’t” with “Yes you can, you can do anything”? No. Sometimes, they really just can’t. Plain and...

Working Mom: The Good and The Bad

As I sit to write about the good and the bad about being a working mom, I kind of just want to scream at the computer. Like, is this a real question? I’m basically...