Amelia Carry

Building A Freezer Stash of Breastmilk

Building A Freezer Stash of Breastmilk While on Maternity Leave

When I went back to work, I had stashed about 300 ounces of breastmilk in my freezer.  Admittedly, that’s way more than the average mama needs… but I tend to be an overachiever. ;)  In...

Celebrating Easter Without Religion

While I’m a spiritual person, I’m definitely not a religious one.  I certainly don’t have anything against religion – in fact I like to pull the teachings of all religions and belief systems into...

Baby Book Alternatives for Busy Moms

One of my most cherished keepsakes is my baby book, a beautiful collection of handwritten notes, faded pictures, toddler drawings and locks of hair. I like to imagine my mother, 30 some years ago,...

First vs Second Pregnancy: My How Things Change

The first time you get pregnant is SO special. Everything is new, you’re experiencing a whole host of new emotions and sensations, and you're evolving into a mommy. You’ve got nine savory months of just...
winter recipes

Our Favorite Cozy Winter Recipes

I grew up tucked in the mountains of the the Pacific Northwest, where the mornings and evenings are chilly for most of the year. As many up there do, we had an old fashioned,...

Just a Sip: Why I Drink While Pregnant

The holidays are behind us, and for many of us currently cooking babies in our wombs, that means we can finally stop subjecting ourselves to boozey parties where we’re often gazing longingly at the...

What to Expect From Couples Therapy

Earlier this year I was certain my marriage was doomed. It had been a rough couple of years, and my husband and I were in a really, really low point together. Without getting into...

13 Binge-Worthy Shows to Beat Breastfeeding Boredom

Whether you’re in the middle of a nursing marathon, stuck on the couch with your newborn baby who wants to eat every hour on the hour or playing human pacifier to a sick little...

Tough Decisions: Repeat C-Section or VBAC?

Tough Decisions: Repeat C-Section or VBAC? When I got pregnant with my son, I knew I wanted a natural birth.  It was never even a question; going the all-natural route just felt normal and, well,...

Pumping at Work: Tips & Tricks

So, most of you fellow veteran moms would probably agree with me when I say: pumping is a total drag! After my son was born I battled major oversupply (as in mastitis three times...