A Unicorn In A World Of Botox

A Unicorn In A World Of Botox Hi. I am Amy and I just turned 40 and I have a confession: I have never gotten Botox (or any other type of injectable). What I am quickly...

Teaching Your Kids About Gratitude

Teaching Your Kids About Gratitude Speaking from my experience as a parent, I feel a bit worried about kids today. They tend to be extremely entitled and have things that I never dreamed of having...

I Don’t Have A Favorite Child, But I Have An Easier Child.

I Don't Have A Favorite Child, But I Have An Easier Child. If you have more than one child you are likely aware that your children- born from the exact same gene pool- can be drastically...

Guide To A Mom’s Lazy Day

Guide To A Mom's Lazy Day I don't know about you, but I barely survived summer. Whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom, summer can be extremely difficult: camp scheduling and...

Tips For Traveling With Kids

Tips For Traveling With Kids Before we had kids my husband and I would plan our next vacation before our flight even landed from the one we were finishing. We love experiencing new places and...
stay-at-home mom

Being a Stay-at-Home Mom When I Really Want to Work

I always knew I wanted to be a working mom. There isn't a Pinterest/craft/teacher gene in a single cell of my body and the thought of staying home playing play-doh all day sounded terrifying...

Best Kid-Friendly Spots to Find Live Music

One of my favorite things we have done as a family so far in ATX is attend one of the concerts at The SXSW Outdoor Stage this year. We grabbed some friends, brought a...

Chaotic Morning Rush (And How to Simplify it)

What do you want to eat for breakfast? Do you want to bring or buy lunch? Is your folder in your backpack? Did you brush your teeth? Where are your shoes? Do you have...

40 Things To Accomplish Before I Turn 40

I turn the big 4-0 in September of this year, which is both exciting and unbelievable. Not sure about you, but I love making "bucket lists" and wanted to put together a mix of...

Meet Amy Campero

­­­ Hi there, ATX moms! My name Amy Campero and I could not be more excited to be a part of Austin Moms Blog. My family and I moved here in December of 2015 and...