Amy Mclaughlin

Amy is the Baylor trophy wife to Dan and mommy to their 4 kids: Norah, Beckett, Rory and Eden. After moving cities every 2 years for 10 years, Amy's family settled in Austin in 2015. She started Amy McLaughlin Photography with a passion for documenting the beauty of real life and stories that matter for families and non-profits. Her photography style is intentional and meaningful. She also part-time homeschools her kids and volunteers with a local organization that seeks to help fill the gap in parental services for families whose kids are in state custody. She enjoys small-group gatherings, espresso, good books, and yoga. And she is not one to turn down dessert.

Meet Amy McLaughlin :: Church Planter to Mom of 4 to Photographer

For as long as I can remember, my identity was placed in what I did.  (For all of you Enneagram lovers, I’m a 1.)   I needed to control my narrative, and the easiest...