Anya Bokeria

Anya Bokeria
Anya is a teacher, writer and single mama to two. Iggy is in middle school. He's an empathetic hockey player who recently discovered his love of reading. Analee is a creative comedian-in-training who wears her learning difference as a badge of honor (this hasn’t always been the case). Anya has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and a Masters of Education in Physical Education from Texas State University- San Marcos. Currently, she is a writer, a Physical Education and Yoga teacher and sits on the Board of a local Youth Hockey Organization. Anya loves puns, humor and learning to slow down after a lifetime of chasing the next thing. She is excited to bring her writing to life and share on her upcoming personal blog at

Inhale Solitude, Exhale Loneliness

As care-givers we are often running at full-speed, on low energy and high expectations. Every once in a while we are able to carve out some alone time--some solitude. Maybe our partner takes the...

Celebrating Women in Sports

I’m a PE teacher at a school that holds class outside - and on rainy days we have to pivot and go indoors (we don’t have a gym.) Normally our fun and games turn...

Celebrate YOURSELF, and International Women’s Day, today!

Happy International Women's Day! In the words of the great Beyonce “Who runs the world? Girls!” While all of March is dedicated to Women’s History Month, March 8th, is International Women's Day--a day to celebrate social,...

3 Ways Technology Can Bring us Joy

There are so many things in our day-to-day that we can judge, that we can assign negative value to, that we can refuse to agree-to-disagree with our neighbor about. Divisions, hard lines and full...
Mom Fatigue

Mom Fatigue | Self-Compassion as a Parent in Trying Times

I knew I should have stayed up later and packed lunches last night, but I had mom fatigue. I knew I should have laid out clothes instead of relying on kids to find matching...
Dyslexia Awareness

Take note of early signs of Dyslexia for an earlier diagnosis

Take note of early signs of Dyslexia for an earlier diagnosis | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are hard for us. Not the actual meals. I have, what I call, the opposite of picky eaters....
Breast Cancer

Four Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness in Austin

By the time you finish reading this blog post, someone in the United States will have received a new breast cancer diagnosis. It happens every two minutes. One in eight women (and some men)...

5 Ways to Empower Young Voices From a Psychologist

5 Ways to Empower Young Voices From a Psychologist | It is a typical, rushed weekday in the car and my daughter starts telling me something. She has a flair for the dramatic, and...

Happy National Play Outside Day

Central Texans like to boast that there’s nothing quite like Spring in our beautiful state. The wildflowers, the short but powerful rains bringing life to our hill country, the warm (and if we’re lucky...

When a measure becomes the target, it ceases to become a good measure.

In habit-tracking, in anti-racist work, and maybe just in life - using a measure as your target can be detrimental. Like many of you, I have an incredible ability to feel like I am...