Ashlee Krause

Ashlee Krause
Vegas Shooting | How to Parent During Tragedy

Vegas Shooting: What I Will Do…

Another mass shooting. Why? I can’t make sense of it and it is absolutely heartbreaking. Trying to navigate life as an adult is hard, throw in situations like this and it is even more...
summer checklist


For a few years, as a family, we have created a list that we want to conquer over summer. Last year I switched it to over the whole year, but we still do the...
DIY Teacher Gift

End-of-the-Year DIY Teacher Gift

I have always made a point to try and spoil my kids' teachers, they have a job that I do not envy. Bless them! With the end of school, let's look at some fun and...
Ashlee Krause

Meet Ashlee Krause

Ashlee Krause Hello again, Austin mamacitas! I was a contributor for AMB not long after it was born, but took a break around 2 1/2 years ago when I had my 4th and final babe....
Austin Moms Blog | Simplify Your Life With Subscriptions

How to Save With Subscriptions

If there is something that can make your job easier as a wife and mama you would do it, right?! Wellllll, if you don't utilize subscriptions on Amazon or Target you need to. Seriously,...

Rubber Duckie & Friends

 Rubber Duckie, you’re the one…you make bath time so much fun! We all know the popular tune of the Bert & Ernie bathtime song; however, I’m not talking about a dinky yellow rubber bath...
Austin Moms Blog | 5 Easy Breakfast Meals

Breakfast Made Easy: 5 Simple Meals

Sometimes breakfast seems like the hardest meal to actually cook. I mean, it is really easy to pour a bowl of cereal, but I don't like my kids eating cereal all that often plus...
DIY Thankful Tree in a Jar

DIY: Thankful Tree in a Jar

What you need: 32 oz mason jar twine or ribbon jar filler 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" cardstock cards markers hole punch scissors sticks I took my 32 oz mason jar {any size would work, but I wanted mine as a statement piece}...

Gender Guilt: Coming to Terms With the Sex of Your Baby

When you were pregnant {or when you become preggo} did you have your heart set on a boy or a girl? Or did/do you truly not care? We all want healthy babies, but sometimes wanting...

Kids & Sports Safety: Weather and General Safety Tips

Are your kids involved in sports? My boys have been in sports since the oldest was 3 years old. We started out with sports at the YMCA and now they play flag football with...