Ashley Rew-Hunter

Ashley Rew-Hunter is described by a friend, as an explosion of rainbow sprinkles. Ashley embraces the notion that you only have one life and you need to make it count. With that being said, Ashley’s family motto is “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”. Ashley and her family have called Austin home for 22 years. They  now reside in the Bee Cave area. Ashley has worked for almost 20 years with Special Education Students, runs a successful naturally based haircare business and LOVES connecting through social media. You can keep up with Ashley, and her family @curlmecrazyashley

Girl Scouts: More Than Just Cookies

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How to Make a Merry Mardi Gras – Austin Style

Growing up in Southwest Louisiana, we celebrated Mardi Gras BIG. By definition, Mardi Gras translates to Fat Tuesday, or the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Its a time of celebration before the season of Lent. Mardi...

Plus Size Boutiques in and around Austin

Did you know that the Plus Size Market makes up for almost 20% of the ENTIRE U.S. Fashion industry? I didn’t – and I am a plus size girl. Knowing this statistic, one would...

Meet Ashley Rew-Hunter | Austin Moms 2022 Contributor

  Ashley Rew-Hunter describes her life feels like living in a haze of fun….especially when you wear many hats. That is something Ashley knows her Mama friends definitely understand. Ashley loves sharing her life journey...