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storing water in bathtubs

Parents! Be wary of storing water in bathtubs!

Many families are storing water in bathtubs after the winter storms as they cope with no power or water. Colin’s Hope, a water safety and drowning prevention organization, is warning parents of possible drowning risks. Colin’s...

Historic Winter Storm Bringing Austin Moms Together

Last Saturday began what would go down in Central Texas History as the most historic winter storm to blow south since the 40s. From falling trees, to frozen pipes, to power outages, to car...

Where to get a free hot meal Friday in Austin

Several places around the city are offering free meals Friday to those affected by power outages and frigid temperatures. RELATED READING :: Which Austin-area grocery stores are open as we battle power outages? Cotton Holdings, a...

Best Friends & Rainbow Babies Through Pregnancy Loss | UT Health

A story of how two women were brought together over recurrent pregnancy loss  Kim and Julia weren’t best friends in college, they didn’t meet at a book club, or even through mutual friends at a...
Leander Springs

Leander City Council gives approval to Leander Springs Development featuring lagoon and hotel

Leander's city council gave final approval to the $1 billion Leander Springs development at its meeting on Thursday, Feb. 4. The council approved a zoning change with a 5-1 vote. This will be a manmade and four acre...

Lumi, the Must Have Magical Item to Help Teach Your Baby to Sleep

Becoming a parent, for the first, second or even fifth time is like entering a whole other world, one where everything is new. And while it is exciting to start a new chapter in...

The Gift of Protection From Blue Light | Cyxus

With schooling going 100% virtual and then partially virtual and screen time at an all time high mamas have had a growing concern about their littles eyes. Information about blue light has surfaced and...

15-year-old inventor and scientist named TIME’s first-ever ‘Kid of the Year’

While TIME has selected a Person of the Year for the past 92 years, this is the first time the outlet has named a Kid of the Year. Meet Gitanjali Rao. TIME magazine has named...

4 Reasons To Block Blue Light + Our Favorite Brands

In a year when no working mom thought she would ever become a homeschooling mom, many things with our health have been studied and come to light. One of those is looking more closely...

Your family meal just got a whole lot easier | Snap Kitchen

As mamas, we are always trying to do what is best for our family. We rush around all day from one thing to the next. One of those main jobs? Meal prepping. As soon...