Becky Rodriguez

Becky is a transplant from New Mexico and has been in the area for 5 years now. She has her Bachelors of Science in Education from New Mexico State University and has been involved with Big Bothers/Big Sisters; Habitat for Humanity; and TRiO EDucational Talent Search. She is engaged to Ryan and the mother to a feisty and silly 5 year old named Olivia and a curious 2 yr old named Frankie. Becky enjoys exploring Austin and the surrounding areas; during the weekend, Olivia and Frankie will drive up to 2 hours in any direction, to try a new activity, attend a festival or play in a new park.

Celebrating PRIDE in and Around Austin

PRIDE is celebrated internationally in the month of June, which purposely coincides with the New York City Stonewall Inn riots. Stonewall was a safe place in Greenwich Village for the LGBT community to socialize...
Baby Safety

9 Personal Tips for Baby Safety Awareness Month

When I first discovered I was going to be a mom, we lived in a studio apartment in Round Rock TX: boxes from my recent move from NM, took up half of the living...

My way, is not the only way

I consider myself an easy going person, a silly mom and fun partner who doesn't take herself too seriously. Rarely do I get upset when other people correct my kids...I do believe it takes...
Valentine's Day in Austin

69 ways to spend your Valentine’s Day in Austin

Valentine's Day is THIS weekend and depending on how you and your significant other plan to spend it, you could already be behind. It is sometimes hard to come up with fresh ideas for...

The Blue Pumpkin

I’ve seen a couple of articles this last week talking about the Blue Pumpkin initiative. Similar to the Teal Pumpkin program that alerts parents to the houses that have candy alternatives for children who have...

Community First! Village | Charles Maund Toyota

Community First! Village | Charles Maund Toyota Arriving at the Community First grounds I was taken aback with how many forms of housing I immediately saw...AirStreams, RV's, tiny houses and a teepee. Now I think...

Last Minute Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas

Last Minute Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas When thinking of Super Bowl parties, you may think of spicy food, booze and questionable behavior…well that’s what it used to mean to my circle of friends...
volunteering in Austin

The Season of Volunteering in Austin

"This is your world. Shape it or someone else will." -Gary Lew I don't know if its the falling leaves or the fact that Halloween just passed us by, but this is the time of year...
quick halloween costumes

10 Last-Minute Parent and Child DIY Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween, I enjoy the costumes, the decorating and the trick-or-treating. If there is a fall festival or Halloween party near me, I will be attending in costume. When I found out I was...
oregon trail

What Ever Happened to the Oregon Trail?

I've sent many kids off on their first day of school, but this year it was my youngest niece who kept up the tradition and it brought back a flood of memories. The fashion,...