Belinda Mays is an award winning author, speaker, and IT professional. Her writing style captivates children while entertaining adults. She is the author of four children’s books; My Amazing Dad, 7 Days With Daddy, I Am, God’s Affirmations For Little Girls, and I Am, God’s Affirmations For Little Boys. Learn more at

15 Songs To Add To Your Mother’s Day Playlist

This Mother's Day weekend my Mom, who's lived with us since 2017, will celebrate her 80th birthday. I am so excited to mark this milestone year with my Mother here in the live music...

3 Ways To Celebrate MLK With Children

When my oldest daughter, Adrielle, was in the second grade, she came home from school and told me that two schoolmates refused to play with her. “They said they are better than me because...

Questions Answered: 2022 Austin ISD Bond Package

This November Austin ISD is putting their biggest bond package in the district's history on the ballot for voters to decide. Many busy moms that I spoke with plan to vote, but acknowledged that...

Help Kids Cope With Back-to-School Jitters

Heading back to school can cause jitters for both parents and kids. Between school supply shopping and end of summer activities, the lead-up to the 1st day of school can be full of excitement. But,...

Take A Kid-Free Vacation – Relax, Reconnect, and Relinquish Control

Moms, if you haven't had a kid-free vacation in a while, it's time! The best part of my recent 9 day vacation was spending 4 days in Florida without the kids. And after working from...
an example of a vision board

Create Vision Boards With Your Kids This Year

Vision boards are a great tool to help children set goals and visualize their success. Every New Year's Eve our dining room transforms into an artistic assemble of scissors, glue, and magazine clippings. Our family...

Thanksgiving Traditions Promote Family, Food, and Gratitude

Thanksgiving traditions promote family, food, and gratitude. This time last year, our family was split between two Texas cities; Houston and Austin. My husband started working in Austin while the children, my mother, and I...
glucose meter

Diagnosed with gestational diabetes? Take control to prevent complications.

I was diagnosed with diabetes three years before my first pregnancy. Since my doctors already knew what the outcome would be, I was able to bypass the glucose screening test during pregnancy. Although I...

Should Your Middle Schooler Have A Cell Phone?

My daughter starting asking for a cell phone when she was in the 3rd grade. To my surprise, several of her elementary classmates already had phones. Most were just hand-me-down phones that only played...

Celebrate Your Children on National Son and Daughter Day!

August 11th is National Son and Daughter Day! Plan to celebrate and show your children that they are valued and appreciated. The idea to celebrate sons and daughters started in the state of Missouri during...