Carla Jian Primero

Carla Jian Primero
Carla Jian Primero is the founder of Carla Jian Wellness. CJW is a platform and space for women to move, breathe, and to find their calm in their busy lives through mindful self-care practices like yoga, sculpt, and meditation. Carla’s lifework is to be of service to other women, especially those that are coming into a whole new world or stage of motherhood. After years of healing she has found the harmony in the hard times and she is passionate about holding space for other mothers to do the same. Whether it’s teaching a meditation class to let go of anxiety or sharing a candid messy motherhood moment on Instagram, Carla wants to be that reminder to other moms that they are not alone. Carla is an ambivert and a classic Leo. She has been with her husband, Matt (also a Leo!) for about 19 years and have two children, Mason and Bianca. They moved to Austin from Chicago in August 2021. When they’re not exploring their new city, they are having lots of at-home dance parties and movie nights.

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