Cat Rainwater

I am a writer, humorist, speaker and survivor of very bad things. I am almost 50 and really wishing my life had background music so I would know what the heck is going on! I am focused on growing forward and helping women heal along the way. Come glow with me!

Best Austin Patios for Springtime

You haven’t fully experienced Austin unless you have settled into a primo patio location to enjoy excellent food, colds drinks and indulged in a bit of people watching. Being a patio lizard is our...
Happily Ever After

Giving Up My Happily Ever After

If life would just stick to the Disney plan that we have all been weened and nurtured on; we would all be 60 chapters deep into a euphoric storybook love affair. Happily ever after...

Meet Cat :: Veteran Mom + Grandmom Extraordinaire

So, here’s the thing about introductory posts… they terrify me. Hiding under the bed with every child’s imaginary monster and a hungry T-Rex sounds infinitely more comfortable than writing about myself. These things are who...