Chelsea Vail

Chelsea Vail

A Guide to Mommy & Me Classes in Austin

Our little metropolis is filled with family friendly activities and classes to experience with your little ones. Here's our comprehensive guide of the best ¬†Mommy and Me Classes in Austin!   Conveniently located in central Austin,...

The Regal Beagle + GIVEAWAY

Calling all pet lovers! We've just got to tell you about our latest find, the Regal Beagle because in our opinion, this is the perfect thing for us quirky Austinites. Check 'em out! Your Image,...

The BLOCK PARTY is Here: What to Expect

With nearly 400 RSVPs on the event page, we sold our 100 tickets in under 3 minutes flat! If you've got a ticket to the Block Party, you're one lucky mama! Now it's only 1...

Raising Readers: Tips for Early Literacy

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." Marcus Tullius Cicero This was a quote that was on a refridgerator magnet in my childhood home. What does this mean to you as a...

BLOCK PARTY Benefits Buck’s Barn

Austin is a city with a culture of giving back and Austin Moms Blog is certainly no different. We try to give back to our community when we can and support charities by hosting...

Barre3: Embrace the Shakes

If you've ever taken a Barre3 class you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say, "EMBRACE THE SHAKES". The first time this happened to me, I stopped because I thought it must...

Oh, Cream o’ Chicken Soup: How I Love Thee

I'd like to say that I'm a clean eater 100% of the time, but you'd know, and I'd know, that was a bold faced lie! Truth be told, I eat "clean" about 80% of...

Getting “legit” fit with Austin Moms Blog

Okay, don't lie, you'd like to be in better shape, right? Do you watch the Biggest Loser and pretend you're working out? Well, luckily Austin Moms Blog has partnered with three studios around the Austin...

Worth it Wednesday: Barre3

It's no secret that most (if not all) women have similar insecurities when it comes to their bodies. Yes, we are making strides towards overall acceptance of ourselves and yes, we all pretend to...

Playdate Recap: The Little Yoga House

What a fun morning at The Little Yoga House yesterday! "Ring Around the Lotus", butterfly stretches and the tick tock side bends made for a great way to start the day!   I'll be the first...